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Doggy Stuff

Posted by on March 21, 2013

My Aunty Linda found this on Facebook yesterday and shared it with my daddy and mommy. Daddy wants to know why I don’t play the piano and sing like the doggy in the video.  Maybe I could learn if we had a piano. Well Daddy are you going to buy me a piano?  I didn’t think so. Don’t complain that I can’t play one you haven’t even given me a chance to learn. As for the singing part I’ve heard you sing it sounds a lot like the doggy in the video. Jessica is right your singing is painful.  However I love you anyway.

Mommy had one of her cleaning attacks last night had me scared at first especially when she came in and grabed me off the bed baths are bad enough but to be given one in the middle of the night. Turns out she was just putting us outside. Wow! What a relief that was. Mommy goes through these spells where she can’t sleep so she gets up in the middle of the night and cleans house. Last night she cleaned the kitchen counters, mopped the floors, washed the dishes, she even cleaned the tub in the washing machine. You can see why I was so scared. Some nights she will wake us all up as she vacuums and shampoos the carpet. I just don’t understand this thing mommy has about cleaning everything. Its only going to get dirty again anyway.

Yesterday mommy and daddy got big packages from something called Social Security. After daddy’s stroke he decided most likely he will never be able to work again. So he put in for disability. Apparently the needed more information. They sent daddy two booklets of questions to fill in, and sent one to mommy. They should have sent me one. Daddy has to sit on the right side of the couch do he can use the arm to help pull himself up. That means when I’m on the couch with him I have to sit on hid bad left side. Before his stroke he could scratch my ears and pet me, now it’s all he can do to rest his arm on me. he sure cant do what he did before. He even has trouble picking me up and holding me.