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Evil Mailmen

Posted by on June 24, 2013
Dog about to gun down the mailman

Time to stop the Evil Mailmen once and for all

This Last week we have had a different mailman just about every day, I don’t know what is going on maybe word is starting to get around and they are afraid to come back. Serves them right. there ought to be a law that protects citizens from this great evil.

Daddy gave me bad news the other day he said something called Congress has decided the mailmen need to keep delivering mail on Saturday. I was so looking forward to having an extra day off. I asked daddy about this congress and he said they were a bunch of crocks that make laws then try to exempt themselves from them. I bet they don’t have to worry about the evil mailman coming to their homes. Now I know why daddy isn’t happy with congress I’m mad at them too now. I think it’s past time to send them and all the mailmen to jail lock them up and throw away the key.

Oh well at least ours is starting to learn their place.