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Posted by on August 16, 2013

It has been a busy yet fun week and now its all over.

Mommy came home from the hospital on Monday night. Just in time for a barbecue with three of my four brothers. Two of my brothers I had never met before. It was nice getting to know them a little. I hope they come visit more often.

My brother, Ben, sister-in-law Marie, and my two Nephews, Norlin and Chris left on Tuesday, I already miss them. I want my nephews back to play with me. On Thursday my Aunt Judy left. Now out house is to quite.

At least Mommy is home. We all missed her and am glad they finally let her out of the hospital. Daddy wouldn’t let me go with them to see the people vet that caused mommy to get sick. I just wanted to bite him to let him know what I think about him hurting mommy. No mommy has her own hose that connects to a loud machine that blows bubbles. Even so, mommy still plays with daddy’s hose. Daddy’s hose is bigger than mommy’s hose but mommy has to wear hers all the time daddy only needs his when he sleeps.