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Getting the Hall’s out in the Dodge Again

Posted by on July 19, 2016

I know that’s not really how the saying goes but for us Halls using Daddy’s old Dodge truck it fits.

July 16th marks 17 years of my mommy and daddy being married I confess I wasn’t around when they got together but I understand it’s an important day for them. To celebrate daddy took us all to Mesquite for the weekend. As we always do we stayed at the Virgin River Hotel & Casino. It’s a great place to stay with pet friendly rooms with hard floors not carpet in case we have an accident after being abandoned. We arrived Friday afternoon and once checked into our room daddy dropped us all of so we could cool down and proceeded to unpack the truck. Daddy was thoughtful and added ice to our water bowl.

Once daddy got that done we all took a much needed nap before daddy ran off to get us all dinner. As expected daddy got the Prime Rib dinner and ate all of it. Mommy on the other hand got the BBQ ribs and shared not only with us but daddy as well as if daddy needed more.

One of the nice things about staying here is the several walks we get every day. Of course it’s too hot for long walks during the day but we can still do quick walks around the building. In the evening daddy likes to take us on adventures. There is a big open area next to the hotel with trees, a dried river bed and more. One of these days maybe I can talk daddy into climbing up the hill to see what is on the other side. We did walk almost all the way to the freeway this trip and even found a small pond thankfully mommy wasn’t with us so I wasn’t afraid of getting a bath.

Mommy insisted on dragging daddy to the pool and making him soak in it for hours. Thankfully the management must love dogs because we aren’t allowed in the pool area. Mommy couldn’t make us go and take a bath. I feel sorry for daddy but at the same time I’m happy for us. Mommy used something called sunscreen spraying it on both herself and daddy. It stunk worse than the soap mommy uses when she washes us. It stunk so bad that I couldn’t breathe. I tried holding my nose but without fingers I found it impossible. I think daddy was turning blue in the face by the time mommy was done with him. Autumn and I both agree if mommy comes near us with that can we are running for the hills even if it is a hundred million degrees outside.

The weekend passed to fast and before I know it we were bringing the Hall’s back in the Dodge. Darn I want to get out of town in the Dodge again hopefully someplace cooler next time.

Help us get away again and get a little something for yourself. Use and stay before August 31 and we both get $15.00 to spend. I’m looking forward to another getaway.