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Good Bye My Friend and New Food

Posted by on July 15, 2013

My bestest friend Tyson and his sister Dolly went home today. I will miss them my home is quitter now that they have left. I guess I’ll have to go back to chewing on my cats. At least my daddy and I can play fetch again. Dolly would grab our toy and run off with it. I must admit it is kind of nice having just us home again. The kittens don’t like any visitors they disappear for days and I can’t play with them. Dolly follows daddy around everywhere and crowds me out. Then Tyson likes to take my spot on the couch. Even so they are my friends and I miss them.


Dropped food tastes best

Yesterday daddy dumped the left over crumbs from our food container into our bowls. this morning Meghan finished it so daddy brought out a new bag.. it’s different from what we had before. So of course it’s better. I am sure in a few days we will miss the old food. Daddy dropped some on the floor will filling the large container. Meghan tried to eat it so I had to growl at her. Daddy told me not to growl over spilled food. Daddy doesn’t understand food is better when it’s dropped and I wanted to eat it up. Then daddy told me we would take a nap after he eats lunch I offered to eat it for him, I eat faster so we can get to bed sooner. For some reason daddy insisted he had to eat his own lunch at least he let me use the computer while he eat. Now he’s done so I guess it’s finally nap time. See you later.