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Grandpa Thurman.

Posted by on January 3, 2018

My grandpa Thurman, my mommy’s daddy, got sick the end of last year. He was sick for a week and everyone was afraid that he had had another stroke. His doctor sent him to the hospital where they found out he had just got a bug, infection, and gave him antibiotics. After a week in the hospital, they sent him to rehab though I’m not sure what characteristic he needs to be rehabbed from. My guess is they want him to stop chasing bugs.

No one is sure what kind of bug he caught but it must have been a nasty one. I’ve never seen Grandpa Thurman chasing bugs but I’ve watched the cats chase them. When they catch them they eat them. If Grandpa Truman ate the one he caught no wonder he got sick. I hope he learned his lesson and stops chasing bugs. I saw Chip Gaines on Fixer Upper catch and eat a roach one time. I’m surprised he didn’t get sick. Daddy did just watching him.

Anyway, mommy says he’s doing much better though she’s concerned he’s not eating enough. Maybe after eating the bug he caught he is afraid to eat anything. Besides, hospital food can’t be anywhere near as good as my daddy’s cooking. That said, just being around vets/doctors spoil my appetite.

Mommy can’t wait to get her daddy home again. I understand how she feels I feel the same way when my daddy is in the hospital. I for one feel that we dogs should be not only allowed but expected to stay with our parents when they are sick and in the hospital. They need our protection even more when they are sick. If I were there to growl at the doctors, I’m sure daddy would have gotten better faster. Come to think about it I would need to growl at daddy to make sure he works hard to get better. Daddy can be lazy at times. Who doesn’t want to be allowed to lie around all the time and be waited on hand and foot?