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Have a Save, Sane, and Happy New Year

Colorful fireworks over water
Posted by on January 1, 2018
New Years Fireworks in London

New Years Fireworks in London

And a Scary New Year’s Eve it is!

With hours yet to go, our neighbors have already started blowing things up. My poor sister, Autumn, is in her hiding spot in the bed’s headboard. Autumn doesn’t do well when the fireworks start. It’s the same come July 4th and any other time people are setting off things that go bang or boom.

My sister Autumn hiding from the fireworks in the bed's Head Board

My sister Autumn hiding in the bed’s Head Board

Daddy shared a few jokes with me earlier about New Years.

  1. If the person who is supposed to drop the ball falls asleep and the ball isn’t dropped does that mean that the ball dropper dropped the ball when it came time to drop the ball?
  2. Why is New Years symbolized by dropping a ball? Because that’s what happens with most New Year Resolutions.

I’ve barked before about how stupid humans are and how confusing their speech is. That first joke is a prime example. Why do humans need so many words and why do some words have so many meanings? Also, why do humans need five million different languages? We dogs don’t have that problem we all bark the same language and we all know what each other means.

New Years in New York

New Years in New York

New Years Day.

I started on this last night but with Autumn scared out of her fur, daddy turned out the lights in hope that Autumn would fall asleep. Sometime after midnight Autumn crawled out of the headboard and curled up above daddy’s head. Normally I don’t like my sister cuddling with daddy but this time I’ll make an exception. This morning us guys had to escort Autumn out to go potty, allowing her to feel safe after the war games last night.

New Years in Las Vegas

New Years in Las Vegas

I don’t understand the idea of blowing things up to start the New Year. Why not start with something peaceful and set an example of what we want the New Year to be like? I also don’t understand why they started at 6:00 PM it wasn’t even New Years in New York or why they kept going well past midnight. Enough with the wargames some of us need to sleep so we can play with our cousins when they arrive. All but one of my Aunts will be over later as will all my dog cousins. Talk about a full house. Today daddy gets a cooking break and Aunt Cora is making us dinner.