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He caught me…

Posted by on January 26, 2014

Daddy caught me taking a nap in one of the pet beds. It wasn’t my fault daddy failed to pick me up so I could sit next to him on the couch. I had been on the couch with my daddy when I heard a noise outside. In fear that the evil mailman was back I raced to the door turned out it was just the neighbor. When I got back daddy didn’t pick me up. So I was forced to sleep in the pet bed. While I was there daddy took these pictures of me. I guess I don’t get to sleep in peace.
Yesterday poor Bella and sick Samantha got groomed. I rode with them as far as Aunt Cora’s house where mommy and I stopped to Help aunt Cora clean her yard. After dropping off my cousins daddy came back to help us. Mommy says we need to go back on Monday early to finish up.
Last night daddy to us all for a walk. OK mommy and daddy took me and Angel for a walk. To be most correct daddy pushed mommy around the neighborhood while she held Angel’s and my leash. I like it when we all go out together for a family walk. My only complaint is that Angel gets the extendable lease so No matter how hard I try I can’t keep up with her. I’m top dog so I should have the longer lease. I showed her, I peed on her head. Well she stuck her head down there while I was peeing and gravity did the rest.
Today is Sunday so daddy and Aunt Linda are at church. Daddy and Linda take their iPads to church. They leave their computers at home. Aunt Linda has a laptop. Poor Bella can’t open it without help. Daddy is now using a desktop computer. All I need to do is touch the mouse push a key on the keyboard to wake it up so that I can update my blog. Bella has a lot to say but can’t get on-line right now. Maybe his mommy is afraid of what he would say right now after being forced to get groomed.
Mommy didn’t go to church today she is sick in bed again. I wish we could do something so she would feel better. I worry about my mommy. She is always in pain and like the other cats sleeps all the time. On the odd occasion that mommy is up and about she has to be cleaning something. She and daddy spent most of the day Thursday cleaning and grooming the back yard. I admit it looks better. However, everyone knows my feelings about grooming.