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Help get a wheelchair for Tristan.

Posted by on November 28, 2017

This is not easy for me. Daddy and I had a long talk about walks, it seems he’s been afraid of taking me on one because they seem to hurt me. It’s true, walks are painful and the last few we’ve gone on daddy has had to carry me home but I miss going on walks with my daddy. Daddy says that he needs to get me a special doggy wheelchair that I can use when playing and on walks so I don’t hurt as much.

The problem is that daddy and mommy just don’t have the money to get me one. You can’t just go to a thrift store and find one like they can for mommy. I guess they have cheap ones on eBay but daddy thinks we should talk with the vet and see what he thinks is best. All this adds up to money he just doesn’t have at this time.

I miss my daily walks with daddy and have asked him to start a go fund me page for me in hopes that we can get the needed funds both for a wheelchair and to cover the vet’s fees. If you are able please visit my go fund me page and help us out.