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Helping in the garden

Posted by on March 23, 2013

Mommy was outside pulling weeds. I went out to help until I got yelled. I can’t help it if the asparagus looks just like the weeds mommy was pulling. So now I’m banned from helping mommy in the garden. Not fair all I was doing was trying to help. Daddy said he wished he could get banned.

Daddy made creamed eggs on toast for breakfast. It’s an old family favorite. Aunt Linda was nice and shared hers with all of us even dropping some on Samantha. The rest of us had to help her get it off.

For lunch we had BBQ Chicken wings and fries. Sadly us doggies aren’t allowed chicken wings because of the wings.

Daddy was thinking about a nap until he realized how late it is so he’s eating vegetables and fruit so he can take his meds then go to bed. Tomorrows Sunday so that means daddy and mommy will go to church then relax the rest of the day.