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How was I to know you can get too much of a good thing?

Posted by on February 11, 2015
Tristan sitting on the couch with both back paws wrapped

Here I am with my two back paws wrapped

Finally Monday Daddy let me take him for a walk. Only thing is Mommy and my sister Autumn went with us. Autumn’s idea of going on a walk is I’ll walk two feet then you need to carry me. With mommy going along for the ride she held my lease and of course carried Autumn while Daddy pushed and I pulled mommy. For those new to my blog mommy sits in a chair with wheels and rolls everywhere. Daddy is supposed to use a cane or walker whenever he goes anywhere. When mommy goes with us he uses the handles on the back of her chair and pushes her. Of course daddy can’t do it on his own he needs me to help pull.

We went on our normal walk around the block but when we got home mommy said “it’s nice out so let’s keep walking.” Daddy goes out of his way to make mommy happy. We must have walked twenty miles finally my legs couldn’t take any more. I initiated a sit down strike mommy had to pick me up and daddy had to do double work pushing all three of us back home.

Last night we all got excited when daddy pulled out our leases again. We were all ready and eager to go. Once again mommy and Autumn came with us. This time we went a way we had never gone before. I don’t know if it was from the work of having to pull mommy or just from the hundreds of miles we walked but my paws started to hurt and I had to sit down and demand to be carried. Poor daddy I know it’s hard on him but I couldn’t go anymore. After we got home I hurt so much I couldn’t walk to our bed or out back for nature calls. Daddy has had to carry me everywhere since last night.

Mommy took a look at my paws and said I had sores on both my back paws. I already knew that. Mommy made daddy hold me so she could spray acid on my wounds. Mommy said it wouldn’t hurt but she lied. This morning mommy had daddy hold me again then not only sprayed the acid on my paws but wrapped them up. I may never be able to walk again.