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Human fur

Posted by on May 4, 2013

What is it with humans and their fur. It seems they have to Chang it constantly and they have different fur for every occasion. Mommy for example has fur that she sleeps in, fur for working in the garden, different fur if she is going some where then special fur she wears to church or when she goes someplace fancy. Some days mommy will wear two or three different furs. Daddy on the other hand wears a different fur every day and two sets of fur on Sundays. Sometimes when daddy’s eating he stores food on his fur for later, but if mommy sees this she makes him change into a different fur. Mommy and her compulsive cleaning again. At least they don’t make me take my fur off though when I go to the groomers the cut it and mommy cuts my fur when she gives me a bath. I guess the problem is that humans only have real fur on the top of there head though daddy gets itch fur on his face which mommy makes him shave off, maybe if she would let him let it grow she would like it. When Aunt Linda was seeing the human vet they gave her something called chemo which made the fur on her head fall off. For several months she wear fake head fur but now that she has stopped seeing that vet hers is growing back. Even more proof that vets are evil they even work with the evil mail man having him deliver huge bills that all need to be paid yesterday or else. Maybe it was the stress from all the bills not the chemo that made Aunt Linda’s fur fall out.