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I guess it’s my fault!

Posted by on June 23, 2015

I’ve known for days that my cousins were getting groomed today. Aunt Linda keeps talking about it. Once again I assumed that we were safe. After all it hasn’t been long since mommy gave us a bath and she brushed us this morning bright and early. So when Aunt Linda got Samantha’s and Bella’s lease we begged daddy to let us ride along. After all car rides are fun. I was excited when daddy got our leases. The ride was fun even if we did have to sit in the back seat. This time I didn’t even mind walking all the other dogs in to the groomers after all we were safe.

Or so I thought until the evil man grabbed my sister Autumn and carried her back to be locked up. One by one they came and took each of us locking us in steel prisons to prevent our escape. I tried to dig my claws into the ground. Darn tile is too hard.

Once again we find ourselves in the dungeon of horrors forced to watch as they take turns torturing us. Al least this time Autumn and I are imprisoned together. I am able to distract myself by comforting my sister.

Please join me by writing your congressmen and demanding they put a stop to the evil practice of dog grooming.