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I maybe Tristan but I am in Trouble.

Posted by on October 21, 2013

Oops I made my daddy mad. All I did was go for a walk. Daddy goes for walks without me all the time. So why can’t I go for a walk on my own? Tyson thought it would be OK even Dolly went along with it. So we went Looking for Uncle Tom who has been missing since yesterday.. Daddy was not happy when he got home and we were gone. I still don’t see the problem, daddy leaves me alone all the time. What is the difference? My only problem is that Dolly couldn’t keep up with us, then Tyson took off on his own and left me behind.What am I a prisoner or something?

I was having fun when mommy grabbed me, and gave me a lecture. apparently Tyson went home on his own so he got locked up. Just about the time mommy found daddy, he found Dolly. Mommy and Daddy switched us so daddy carried me back to Uncle Tom’s All the while telling my that I had been a bad boy and was in deep trouble. Daddy seemed madder at me than he was when Megan got into the green treasure chest.

Daddy says I could have gotten hurt or even killed, He says he was worried about me. Well I worry about him when he takes off so it’s time he has to worry about me. Daddy says that he leaves because he has to not because he wants to. He leaves me all the time. Aunt Linda says that soon she will be able to stay home all the time. She is retiring in December. She says that means she won’t have to go to work anymore. Neither daddy or mommy work anymore. Mommy is almost always home so why does daddy have to leave all the time? I tried telling daddy that from now on if I can’t go places on my own that neither can he. Daddy didn’t agree in fact less than two hours later daddy took off again. He was gone for hours at least when he got back he had Uncle Tom with him.

Daddy is still mad at me. I’ve tried cuddling up next to him but it hasn’t helped at all. Daddy is just ignoring me so back to my blog I go I need some therapy.