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I should have seen it coming when my daddy cried

Posted by on March 8, 2014

Bright and early this morning mommy got daddy into a head lock and drug him into the bathroom. I could hear the crying and screaming. Finally mommy came out of the bathroom and I could hear daddy turn the water. Once again mommy forced him to wash himself. As soon as daddy escaped from the bathroom I noticed that he was bald.
Daddy was so embarrassed that he ran away and hid for several hours he wouldn’t even take me with him. While daddy was gone Aunt Linda brought Aunt Cora over for a visit. Seems my cousins were sent to be groomed today. After daddy came home we hid in the bedroom so Aunt Cora couldn’t see him. It was so bad that daddy took a nap.
I couldn’t believe that a couple of hours latter mommy kicked him out of bed and sent him outside to cook hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. While daddy was cooking dinner and I was distracted watching for him out the kitchen window mommy snuck up behind me and snatched me from my vintage point. How can someone in a wheelchair move so quietly and so quickly?
Next thing I know we are back in the bedroom and mommy has the clippers. Mommy cut all my hair off. At one point daddy came in to rescue me but one look from mommy sent him fleeing.
Now she is done with me and like daddy I am nearly bald. I know how daddy felt earlier today. I am embarrassed to be seen. At least I can sit with my daddy and while we suffer quietly together. Why can’t mommy leave us alone? I was happy the way I was so was daddy. At least I get to stay home and hide. Daddy has to church tomorrow, everyone will see what happened to him. Poor daddy.