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I Thought I Had it Bad!

Posted by on December 18, 2013

Mommy had poor Angel screaming. Daddy even had to go in and help hold her down. It got so bad for Angle that she even wet herself. Mommy not only brushed her she trimmed her hair and cut the hair around her toes. Bella is about ready to go off on mommy but is afraid she might be next. I think of all of us Bella was the most traumatized.

Now that Angle is done, mommy is working on Meghan. I hear tell that Sammy Cat might be next. These days it’s not even safe for the cats.

I guess it’s true what daddy says that “there is always someone worse off then you are.” Not that I doubted my daddy it’s just that I’ve never seen it personally like this before. Bad as I had it Angle had it a lot worse and at least I don’t have to spend a day at the groomers watching as they torture other dogs.

On the plus side mommy gave me a treat to make up for what she did to me. I don’t think Angel or Meghan got treats from my mommy.