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It promises to a great week despite a few rocky parts.

Posted by on October 22, 2015

 Monday was fine we spent most of the day cuddling with daddy. Tuesday however was rotten we got groomed. Autumn doesn’t look like herself anymore and they cut off all my hair. Today, however, things started to look up a lot we took off on a road trip. Not just me Autumn, daddy and mommy but Aunt Linda and my cousins Bella and Samantha. The cats of course had to stay home. The only bad part about today was when Autumn got sick and throw up all over me. Mommy kept telling me how much trouble I would be in if I got sick yet Autumn didn’t get in any trouble at all. It just goes to show if you’re cute you can get away with anything.

We drove up through Zion National Park where grandma Hall was raised. Taking a curvy road up to and through a dark tunnel. Before stopping for another nature call. After we got back on the road the SUV (Stupid Useless Vehicle) decided it was time to break again. Right in the middle of a two lane road. Daddy had to get out with pliers and a big hammer to fix it. I guess tomorrow he needs to get parts. It’s a good thing daddy knows about cars and brought tools with him. Then again he doesn’t trust the SUV and always finds room for a few basic tools just in case.

We stopped at a campground in Kanab where daddy had reserved a couple of cabins for the weekend. They’re nice little cabins really nothing more than a couple of lights, a TV, and a bed. Not even a bathroom though we don’t mind we take care of nature calls in nature. I guess one of the improvements in the iCat is instead of going in a box like normal cats they use a real bathroom like people do which makes sense they look like people and mommy would never fit in a cat box. One thing they didn’t improve, aside from the cleanliness issue is that mommy needs to go to the bathroom every few minutes not that I’m complaining because every time she gets up we all get to go on a walk. However, the roads here are made out of sharp rocks that hurt my paws.

Big Al has a place across the street from the cabin daddy went there for dinner last night. He and mommy got hamburgers and fries while Autumn and I had chicken strips. They were good but sorry Big Al daddy’s a better cook.

Despite have gone on walks at least 100 times during the night the Autumn Alarm still went off at first light. So much for our beauty sleep.