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It’s a Dog’s Life

Posted by on January 8, 2014
Daddy and I want to live here.

Daddy and I want to live here.

Daddy’s in the kitchen making us French Fries. I guess he won’t mind if I use the computer while he’s cooking.

So far this year I’m not 100% on my resolutions I’ve played fetch/keep-away/tug-of-war with daddy almost every day and we’ve con on walks most days. It’s not my fault, I’m doing my best. Daddy just doesn’t get it. I will get my toy and bring it near where daddy is sitting on the couch, jump up and down, and growl. Only to have daddy tell me “if you want to sit on the couch with me you need to come closer. R walks, I will sit there and cry only to have daddy go put me out the back door.  Come on daddy get a clue we’ve talked about this before you need to start listening better.

Today daddy has been setting up his new wireless network. He is changing his Internet provider because it is always going down. Daddy says the new one will be soo much faster. I hope that means more time for walks. I expect it will mean more time for him and Aunt Linda on their iPads. I should warn Bella now but I don’t think we can stop their madness. Daddy is setting it up to scare the neighbors. With the NSA in the news stealing all your personal data. Daddy is using NSA as part of the new network name. He got the idea from Facebook. Parents and their silly games.

I understand that we will be replacing daddy’s cell phone with a home phone line. This way Grandpa Thurman will have access to a phone when he’s home alone. Daddy says he’s been worrying about this. The plan is to keep the same number just port it over to a new phone. Daddy went out and bought new phones for the house. There will be one in the living area and another in Grandpa’s room. I’m not allowed to use the phone so it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.

Meghan is still traumatized by the two mean cats that Aunt Mary brought into her house. She says the keep insisting on cuddling with her mommy when she wants to. They have Aunt Marry wrapped around their tails. Meghan doesn’t have a tail so it’s just not fair.

Bella’s mommy is taking a class. Here she is finally home all the time and she is insisting on reading a book when she should be cuddling Bella and scratching her tummy. So what if my daddy is lazy and refuses to do his Therapy. At least we spend most of the day together. I’m the lucky dog.  A dog’s life sure is good when I’m that dog. Sorry Bella and Meghan.