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It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

Posted by on January 25, 2018


Grandpa Thurman came home on Tuesday the 16th. He is doing much better than when he was but not as well as he used to be. That said he’s been home a little over a week now and is almost back to his old self.

Aunt Judy arrived on Thursday the 18th. She stayed with us and helped a lot toward going through Aunt Linda’s stuff. They held a funeral service for Aunt Linda on Saturday the 20th. Today Aunt Judy went home. We are missing her already.

On Wednesday the 24th all my Aunts and my cousin Sherry came by. I was able to cuddle with Sherry for several hours. She bought pizza for everyone and shared a few tastes with each of us. She likes me best so my taste was bigger. Sherry was extra nice and took my cousin Bella the Tasmanian Yorkie with her. Bella was super happy. She offered to take me but I barked a firm no. I’m not leaving my daddy he needs me by his side.

My Aunts and cousins talked for hours and passed around old pictures trying to identify who’s who. They seemed to have a lot of fun.