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It’s been a long time since my last blog bark

Posted by on November 17, 2015

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last barked on my blog. I guess it’s because of all the barking that goes on when Autumn and I take my daddy out for his daily PT. All the neighborhood dogs bark their greetings every morning. We bark about a lot before the sun even raises in the morning and there isn’t a lot left to bark when we get home.

About a week ago the Autumn alarm went off and we got ready to take daddy out for his PT when we discovered it was raining. Rain or shine we had a job to do so we took a deep breath and bravely headed out into the storm to insure daddy got his much needed PT. It’s a hard job but it’s my responsibility to make sure daddy is taken care of. I’ll deal with Mother Nature throwing a bath at me if it keeps daddy from having another stroke.

On Saturday daddy got his fruit order again. We go to a local park to pick it up. Daddy helps them unload everything and setup the fruit baskets. On the days daddy gets an order we go for a short walk then daddy drives us to the park where we walk around until the BIG truck shows up. Once the truck arrives daddy locks us in the car so we can watch his work out unloading the truck etc., I’m sure if we weren’t there daddy would just sit around and watch everyone else work. They sure make him work a lot for the fruit he gets. After daddy is done and has loaded our order in the car we insist that he takes us for another walk. Once we get home daddy cheats by using one of the wheelchairs to haul his fresh bounty into the house where he puts it away before we all head back to bed. Saturdays are a lot of work for all of us but it seems to make daddy happy and that’s a good thing.

Today mommy is being her typical iCat self. She started by cleaning the cat litter, the vacuuming the carpets while daddy did dishes and moved things around in the back. Next mommy started mowing the back yard while daddy picked pomegranates. Mommy was busy in the back yard until a bee chased her into the house, mommy is afraid of bees. Now mommy is giving the sofas a bath. I hope I’m not next after all Mother Nature throw one in my face just last week. Just to play it safe I guess I’ll go hide.