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It’s Raining

Posted by on October 17, 2015
Daddy got his hair cut

Daddy got his hair cut

3:45 daddy woke up needing to go potty and mommy told him to take us out back. Which lead us to this.

It’s raining, it’s pouring
Daddy opened the door
We looked outside
Then ran back to bed
We refused to go out
And go potty.

5:30 Autumn’s alarm went off daddy, mommy, and I all tried to tell her that it was likely still raining and that we didn’t want to go outside. After about ½ an hour daddy gave up and got dressed to take us out. Luckily it had stopped raining so we got our walk.

Later in the morning when we got up again it was once again raining. I understand that Las Vegas with all it’s crime and other sins needs a good cleaning but we don’t. I’ve already had a bath this month I don’t need another one. Come on Mother Nature We’ve had enough.

Tristan napping on the bed

Here I am napping on the bed with my mommy and daddy

Making things worse for poor Autumn Mommy decided that Autumn needed to be brushed. This is not something Autumn enjoys. In fact, Autumn hates to be brushed. Mommy even cut off a ton of her hair before turning the clippers on daddy and leaving him half bald. Poor daddy.

On the bright side They left me alone. Better yet It looks like the rain may have stopped and Aunt Linda brought us a nice treat from when she went shopping with Aunt Cora and Aunt Mary.

Now we are enjoying a resting the bedroom while daddy and mommy are watching TV. Daddies been eating apples and cucumbers which he’s shared with the two of us. I love it when my daddy shares his food with all of us. Maybe he will make something nice for dinner tonight that we can all enjoy.