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Merry Christmas Everyone

Posted by on December 25, 2017
Tristan sleeping with his candy cane

Here I am protecting the candy cane Santa dropped off at Aunt Cora’s for me.

Well, once again Santa didn’t come to our house. However, he did visit Aunt Cora and leave stuff there for us. I guess he doesn’t come here because of the cats. Either they are too bad or he is allergic to them. I think it’s because he can’t carry enough coal for the cat’s stocking so he just passes us by.

I guess I can’t really blame him I wouldn’t stop here either if I were him. The only thing cats are good for are as chewing toys. We have so many here I’m sure he would trip over them if he did stop. I find them under feet all the time.

I hate when daddy takes a nap in the afternoon and the bed is full of cats. There isn’t enough room on the bed for us and a million cats. It’s bad enough the mommy Kat is an iCat, I guess that life could be worse, we could have even more cats.

With that said daddy has a Ham in one cooker and the turkey in the oven. I’m not sure what other fine treats await us for dinner this afternoon but knowing daddy I’m sure that they will be wonderful. Even if Santa doesn’t stop here daddy’s dinner is better than anything that silly old man could ever bring.

As it stands there are pies by the dozens, chocolates that must be really good because daddy says they would make us sick. He says this while he’s eating a chocolate himself. This is why I know they must be so good that daddy had to make up a story explaining why we can’t have any. Just like grapes which daddy devours by the pound but claims they are bad for dogs. He should try the so called “dog food” that we eat even the cat food must be better since they put it up high where we can’t reach it. The cats don’t bother eating the dog food so theirs must be better. All that said, the cats normally don’t get much if any of the food daddy makes. The cats aren’t even supposed to go outside. Though occasionally they make a break for it. I should feel sorry for them since cats have to go inside the box they don’t get to go outside and potty like us dogs get to.

Daddy makes the best food in the world. Whenever they go out to eat Aunt Linda makes sure to bring some home for us. What Aunt Linda brings home is not as good as what my daddy makes. I don’t know why they even bother going out to eat. Daddy’s cooking before was the best but ever since he got the Sous Vide it’s been even better.