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Mommy keeps using four letter words around me.

Posted by on December 7, 2013

Mommy needs to watch her tongue around me.  She keeps using bad words such as “bath”, “wash” and “soup” four letter words that should never be used around sensitive ears like mine. I’ve tried to tell her how much I hate that kind of talk, and she shouldn’t say such things around me. Problem is that she turns a deaf ear to me and keeps talking about such evil things.

Bella is having similar problems with her mommy. Aunt Linda keeps talking about grooming and she doesn’t know how she will ever be able to afford to take Bella and Samantha to the groomers after she losses her job next week. Bella’s answer is “don’t take me”. Bella’s a smart girl and realizes how evil such talk is. Unlike Samantha who for some odd reason likes getting groomed. Think of all the extra treats Aunt Linda could buy us if she didn’t waste her money on groomers. We are going to get dirty again anyway so why keep it up?

Mommies are strange people at least daddy seems to have overcome the bad case of the mommy virus he had a couple of weeks ago. I’ve still caught him washing dishes, and doing the laundry. However, he did that sometimes before he got sick. Daddy says he does things like this to show mommy how much he cares about her. Personally I think a nice juice stake says I love you much better than a pile of clean laundry that now needs to be put away. Mommy like Chocolate, daddy could show his love by giving her a nice box of Chocolates. I’m not allowed Chocolate so I can’t comment on rather it is any good or not. I don’t understand why Chocolate is OK for mommy and daddy but bad for me.

Today was daddy’s day to sleep in. needless to say we got up early like he normally does. Now he is looking and acting tired. I don’t know why he does this to himself. If he would just stay in bed where he belongs it would make all of us happier. Sadly, daddy has this strange idea that he needs to get up and get things done. Why, if it is just going to make you feel worse in the end? Just stay in bed and feel good.