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Mommy plays with Daddy’s hose at night

Posted by on June 30, 2013
My daddy cuddling me while wearing his funny mask

My daddy cuddling me while wearing his funny mask

My daddy has something called sleep apnea, I understand the sleep part not sure on the apnea. Before he was Diagnosed he would snore loudly at night and stop breathing while he slept. Now he wares a funny mask at night that connects to a CPAP which forces him to keep breathing. On the plus side he no longer snores. Now if we could get them for mommy and the cats my sleep would be more peaceful.

The mask has a place air blows out, when daddy sleeps this tends to point at mommy. Mommy doesn’t like it so she keeps twisting the hose to get it blowing away from her. Whenever daddy moves it goes back to blowing on mommy so she has to twist it again. It can be entertaining to watch the two of them, mommy twist the hose and daddy moves, so mommy twist again only to have daddy move again. They keep it up until mommy falls asleep.

I normally sleep at the foot of the bed so I don’t have to worry about getting blown away. The cats on the other hand like to cuddle with daddy like I did for this picture. so they get it right in the face. They like it when mommy twists the hose. Other than the air blowing, we are all glad daddy got the funny mask. He sleeps so much better now and so do the rest of us,