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More Cats!

Posted by on December 30, 2013
More Cats!

More Cats!

My poor cousin Meghan. Her mommy, my daddy and our Aunt Linda took off for an hour Saturday and they came back with two new feline brothers for Megan to share her home and mommy with. Poor girl! Now she is going to have to train the pair.

They brought them over here to show mommy before Aunt Mary took them to her place. I tried to explain to them how things work and make sure that they understood their place. Mommy said I was scaring the poor things and not only throw me out of my bedroom but locked me out. Locked me out of my own bedroom! She is giving the kittens the wrong impression. Latter I heard mommy telling daddy that dogs are OK but that she prefers cats. The horror of it all.

At least Aunt Mary has taken the little beast to her house where they belong and things are back to normal at our house. So far Meghan is too dramatized to talk about how things are going at her home.

To top it all off today daddy went out front to met the evil mailman and talk to him like they were old friends. I tried to warn him, but daddy didn’t listen. At least this time daddy escaped unharmed and without any nasty bills. Daddy didn’t even get any medicine today like he did just about every day last week.

I’m sure the people vet is trying to kill him with all the drugs they are making him take. Daddy needs to check his blood several times a day then stick a needle in his belly every time he eats anything. Now Aunt Linda has to check her blood now. First they tell her to eat salad. Then don’t eat salad. Now they say she needs to eat more salad. Vets just can’t make up their mind. Today for lunch while the rest of us eat fried Chicken Aunt Linda ate a salad. Life just isn’t fair. Aunt Linda tries to put up a strong front and pretend she likes salad. We all know it’s a lie, no one can like eating salad. You need a nice juice piece of meat in your diet. A nice thing about Las Vegas is that daddy is able to grill even in the dead of winter.