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More Random Thoughts

Posted by on December 12, 2013

2013-12-12 17.51.57I think this is propaganda put out by the U.S. Post Office

I’ve been warning everyone about the dangers imposed on every American by the U.S. Post Office in the form of mailmen being sent to every home in America. They claim to be delivering mail but the truth is they are just waiting until the time is right then the will turn Postal and kill all of us. I found this on Facebook today; it looks like the founders of Facebook have joined forces with the U.S Post Office to conceal their true plans. Don’t be fooled mailmen are out to Kill all of us.

2013-11-28 21.59.45

Snoopy is one smart dog.  I wish I could get away with this. I just won’t fit in our mail box besides daddy has a lock on it. The mailman still manages to steal the letters daddy puts out and replaces them with bills.

Nap time2013-12-12 15.30.18

I don’t know what happened but after our nap today I woke up with all the pillows. It made my day! Sadly, daddy decided it was time to get up so my joy was short lived. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will bring the pillows my way again. I have my head on daddy’s cuddle pillow and mommy has put her pillows on top of me.

I have/had a bone to pick

I am one lucky dog. My daddy gave me the bone out of a pork roast he cooked. This is my second bone in a week. The nice thing about this one is that daddy didn’t boil it so there was a ton of meat left over. After I ate all I could I let the other dogs finish it off. After we were all done daddy throw it away before mommy saw it. He said she would find it disgusting like the other bone. Heck mommy ever finds my rawhide chews disgusting. I think it’s mommy’s word of the week. Daddy my not share his dinner with me like Aunt Linda does but I sure hope he keeps giving me bones.


Yesterday daddy, mommy, and Aunt Linda went out to breakfast. Daddy came home saying he had eaten too much and if he ate anything else he would burst. We can’t have that can we? All us doggies got together to protect daddy by eating his leftovers. Daddy was so full he slept all day and didn’t eat lunch or dinner. I can’t imagine being that full. Good thing we ate his leftovers.

Unexpected Visitors

My sister Jessica and her boyfriend stopped by for a short visit this last weekend. Angel was in seventh heaven to see her mommy again. Poor Angle I wish she could go live with her mommy but she is stuck here with us. I know what it was like when I thought I had lost my daddy, angle has to live like that all the time with just short moments of happiness when her mommy visits.

No more work

Yesterday was Aunt Linda’s last day at work. She has been talking about this for a long time. Bella never believed it would happen. Aunt Linda is now Retire, I’m not sure what the difference is between just being tired like daddy is all the time and being retired. It seems the same they both spent much of the day today sleeping. Which meant we doggies got to sleep most of the day as well. Talk about heaven. Ham bones, leftovers, and long naps. Now all I need to make it perfect is to go on more walks with daddy.