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Mother Nature we need to have a bark.

Posted by on January 10, 2018
Raining on the Las Vegas Strip

Mother Nature makes all of Las Vegas bathe.

This is the third day stop throwing bath at us. Every time we’ve gone out for the last three days you’ve thrown bath in our face. I understand you’re still sad over Aunt Linda’s passing but get a tissue or something. We’re sad too but we’re not crying baths all over everyone.

Isn’t it just like Mother Nature to make sure everyone feels her pain. There is nothing more evil than baths thrown on us poor doggies. Not that Mother Nature is evil, she just shares a little too much. It could be worse, I’ve seen some real bath pours in my days especially when we visited Tyson, my bestest friend in the whole world, at their home in Oregon. I have no idea who died there but there was constant bath being thrown at us for a month straight. It must have been someone Mother Nature really loved. Here we were next to the biggest bathtub I’ve ever seen, daddy called it the Pacific Ocean, and like that wasn’t bad enough we were hit with constant baths falling from the sky. Tyson says it’s like that all the time and that he is ready to move back to Vegas where it’s dryer. I guess Mother Nature doesn’t like as money people here in Vegas as she does in Oregon.

On the bright side, it looks like the falling bath is ending today. I guess she’s cried her eyes out or maybe she needs to cry more up north. It will be nice when we can safely go outside without fear of a bath.