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My daddy and on-line Auctions

Posted by on February 3, 2018
Some of the things daddy has bought at auction

Some of the things daddy has bought at auction

Daddy has been shopping on-line a lot he especially likes some of the Auction sites. Everyone knows about eBay but that’s not where daddy likes to go. For years he’s been going to government auction sites Like Public Surplus. He’s bought furniture, electronics, and even toys. Las Week daddy discovered a new local auction site Nellis Auction. They are mostly on-line auctions though they do have a few live auctions. Daddy doesn’t do live auctions just the on-line ones.

Apparently, that’s where he found mommy’s new torcher device. Looks like I need to hide daddy’s computer. Taking away daddy’s computer wouldn’t work he can use his iPad, smart phone, or Windows 10 tablet. My daddy’s an old computer tech. Come to think of it we must have at least a dozen ways for daddy to get on-line in the house. How can I hide the Internet?

I was OK with daddy’s Auction addiction until he bought the torcher device now I’m concerned. It use to be that I could happily sit on the couch next to my daddy while he checked the auctions looking for things for our family, things he could fix up and resell, or even just things to resell. Now I’m terrified of what he might find next.

I think I need to sign daddy up for some type of 12 step program. There is Alcoholics Anonymous why not Auction Addicts Anonymous? Nevada even offers programs for people with gambling problems. Why stop there we need a program for my daddy. It’s not so much the Auctions that I worry about it’s the evil things they have on them. That said maybe if daddy stopped spending money at the auction sites he could spend more money on treats for me.

Daddy next time you want to buy something on auction just by me these instead. Blue Pack of 4 Buffalo Treats Bits Dog Treats Pouches, 4 Flavors (Savory Salmon, Tasty Chicken, Tender Beef and Tempting Turkey), 4 oz., Blue 

Blue Buffalo Bites

Blue Buffalo Bites