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my daddy is a Vet!

Posted by on April 2, 2013
Wisk having a cat-nap with us on the couch

Wisk having a cat-nap with us on the couch

I found out today that my daddy is a Vet that had me scared for a while until he explained that he is a Veteran not a veterinarian. As daddy explained it a veteran is someone who has served in the military helping to protect this great country. I’ve seen commercials about people in the military that had to leave their pets behind while they deployed, I’m glad that daddy’s not doing that any more. I’m also glad that daddy’s not a veterinarian. I’ve seen three vets in my life the first two thought I should be killed because of my legs, the third one cut part of me off and then had the nerve to say that he fixed me. No he broke me, worse day of my life. Veterinarians are a dog’s worst nightmare. They are even more evil than the mailman.

Turns out that because daddy’s a vet something called the VA is going to pay for all his medical bills from his stroke. That takes a lot of stress off of daddy, I guess if you buy something from my store I can busy the money I earn to buy treats. Kong, here I come.

My Aunt Judy is coming for a visit later this week. I’ve never met her, daddy said she loves dogs and use to have some but because of her health she is afraid to get another one. That’s OK Angel and I will love her while she is here. I feel sorry for her living all alone in some place called California. I think she needs a dog. I’m sure it would make her happier.