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My daddy is so smart.

Posted by on September 15, 2017

My cousin Iris snuck out of the house on Saturday so daddy and mommy went to the Animal Foundation to see if she ended up there. On the way home Aunt Linda’s car started overheating. Daddy and mommy had to make several stops on the way home to let the dumb car cool off. Sometimes I feel that the only reason cars were invented was to cause problems. Needless to say it took daddy and mommy hours to get home which in doggy times is forever.

When they got home I heard mommy ask what could cause the problem and right off the top of his head daddy as able to spit out the most likely causes. On Wednesday daddy popped the hood and in no time at all, even by dog time, he was back in having identified the problem and was able to order the part. Daddy even checked on-line to see if anyone had the part in stock than discovering it would take a week to get here daddy checked Amazon, found the part for less than the Auto part stores and ordered it.

The party arrived today and it took daddy less than 15 minutes to get it installed. Then he, mommy, and my sister Autumn took it out for a test drive to make sure everything worked fine. I confess I am a little green with envy that I wasn’t invited to go along. However, as expected everything worked fine and my smart daddy once again ruled the day. I knew daddy could fix it and I think that the only reason he took it for a test drive was to get out of the house.

Now if only he would do something with the SUV Stupid Ugly Vehicle. Mommy thinks we should sell it, I vote for pushing it off a cliff.