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My daddy’s not in his right mind

Posted by on March 27, 2013

20130327-084743.jpgMy daddy left his iPad on the couch so I could use it while he took a shower. A shower is just another name for a bath. Why would anyone in their right mind volunteer to take a bath? Daddy’s stroke affected the left side of his body which mommy says means it affected the right side of his brain. So I guess that explains things. Daddies right mind was affected by the stroke so he’s not in his right mind he’s in his left mind. No wonder I have to sneeze at him all the time to get what I want.
My daddy has started to put in a drip system to help me water all the trees and plants in the back yard. I guess he realized that they planted too many. My bladder will only stretch so far. It’s so sad watching my daddy do this he has to get on the ground and its so hard for him to get up afterwards. Then watching him try and put it all together when his left hand has a mind of its own. Strokes are not like pets, strokes are a very bad thing. At least when Aunt Mary had her stroke it wasn’t as bad as the one my daddy had. They had them within days of each other. Aunt Mary stayed at our house while daddy was in the hospital so it gave me an idea of what too expect but I was still not prepared to see how bad my daddy was when he got home.
I’m just glad to have my daddy back I hear some people die from strokes. I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost my daddy. I love my daddy and love sitting with him on the couch while he works on things. I know my daddy loves me he gave me the money to start my blog and helped e set it up, he even helped me set up my Amazon store so I could make money to buy treats. The truth is I want to help my daddy pay off some of the medical bills from his stroke so he is less stressed. Daddy wants me to buy treats since he can’t get them right now he seems to think my having treats would make him happy. That’s my daddy always caring about others. Before his stroke he use to volunteer to help the community via several originations. Now he can’t do that anymore. It makes him sad. The other day he had his HAM radios out playing with them. After awhile he packed them all up in a box and put them away. He looked so sad. I came over and tried to lick his hand to make him feel better i forgot daddy doesn’t like licks he calls them icky lickies.
I wish I knew how to make my dad feel better especially since he’s not in his right mind.