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My own computer

Posted by on June 17, 2015

I barked a couple of months ago about how daddy gave me his old laptop computer when he upgraded to his new Surface 3 Pro. There are those who would growl over getting stuck with hand-me-downs. Not me. I realize how lucky I am to have my own computer none of my cousins have one. In fact most Canines don’t even know how to use a computer let alone having their own computer. Even Tyson, my bestest friend in the whole world, doesn’t have one, Tyson doesn’t even have his own blog, yet his daddy, my Uncle Tom is a computer geek just like my daddy.

The problem is laptops aren’t made for us canines. To start with we don’t have laps. The touchpad wasn’t made for paws, the keys on the keyboard are too close together. My daddy had to add an external mouse and keyboard. The biggest problem is getting the darn think open. What is this some type of logical puzzle like a Rubik’s cube? Any time I want to use it I have to bark at my daddy and beg for help and I’m not one to beg. With Dein around I don’t dare leave it open he’ll hack into my blog again and who knows what mayhem he would cause. Dein is likely on the FBI’s watch list as a known hacker.

When we went on vacation last month daddy said that we didn’t have room to bring my computer with us and that I would just have to use his. It made updating my blog hard. I just wrote a little each day and posted it when I could. Making matters worse Mother Nature hasn’t installed Wi-Fi in her domain yet. I don’t know what Mother’s problem is she is way behind the eight ball when it comes to Technology. I think she needs to take some classes at her local Community College.

However, we are home now and daddy got my computer out yesterday. This morning while my daddy is cooking us pancakes. He’s set up my computer on the couch next to me allowing me to start the day off with a blog. Thanks Daddy.

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