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No cats were harmed in the making of this blog.

Posted by on December 8, 2017

My thought for the day:

Dog spelled backwards is God, Cat spelled backwards is Tac. I would rather sit with God than sit on a Tac(k). Dog’s, are man’s best friend and cats have the crazy cat lady. Any question on who has the better marketing program?

Thinking about cats

Barking about cats, Dein, my favorite chew toy, has been a real pain lately. He sleeps with mommy during the day which keeps him out of my fur. At night mommy and daddy lock all the cats out of the bedroom so there is room for them to sleep on the bed with us dogs. Trust me there isn’t enough room otherwise. Dein will sit outside the door crying, he will bring gifts and leave them at mommy and daddy’s door. This week he even made a sculpture using a towel, my cousin’s ball, and three quarters of a paper plate.

Dein's artwork

Dein’s artwork

When it comes to water Dein is one of the laziest, fussiest cats around. If his water bowl isn’t 100% full he cries for it to be filled. He lays down with his head over the bowl to drink and attempts to drink straight from the source when daddy fills the bowl. He’s the same way when it comes to his food dish, if its not 100% full it might as well be empty.

Lazy Dein

When Dein is busy sleeping with mommy I always have the option of playing with one of my other chew toys. Dein’s father, Haggy cat, comes to mind as a great chew toy.

Haggy sleeping which is about all cats do

Haggy, not caring one way or theother

Whenever I get bored the cats can provide plenty of entertainment as they attempt to catch a fly or watch birds on the back porch.  Yes, even though cats are a pain in the back, they make great play toys and are fun to laugh at.

Wisk having a cat-nap with us on the couch

Today my daddy has an appointment at the VA hospital, those who have been keeping up with my blog know how I despise all medical professionals. You might also recall how shocked I was to find out that my daddy was a vet until he explained the difference between a Veteran and a Veterinarian. I know now that most Vets (Veterans) are great people. My daddy proudly served in the US Air Force for twelve years until his health got in the way. Because of this daddy gets medical help from the VA. Today he has an appointment to find out about getting a power scooter. I wish they would give me one. Can you imagine how much fun it would be running all over the place in your own personal scooter? This would take chasing cats to an all new level. Then again what would I do when I catch them? I wouldn’t want to run them over. I guess I need to think about this a bit. There had better be room on daddy’s scooter for me.