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No nap for us today.

Posted by on April 3, 2013
bored nothing to do.

bored nothing to do.

Once a week my daddy has to clean his CPAP and wash his funny mask. This morning he got up early and took it all apart so he could wash it. Since he stops breathing without the CPAP and the mask takes hours to dry it means no nap for us. As added assurance daddy drove Aunt Linda to work that means daddy and mommy are going someplace. Mommy doesn’t like to ride in the truck with daddy, so if they need to go someplace they borrow Aunt Linda’s car. I don’t know what mommy has against the truck, it doesn’t have AC so daddy has to open the windows I love the fresh breeze in my face. I’ll ride with daddy in the truck anytime. No I don’t ride in the back, daddy’s truck has a cover/shell on the back but he loves me too much to put me at risk ridding in the back.

It will be a boring day when daddy goes out he takes the iPad and I have yet to figure out how to open the computer so I can use it. I guess we dogs will have to entertain ourselves all day. At least I have my cats to chew on unless they get on the furniture where I can’t get to them.