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Oh I’m in trouble

Posted by on April 23, 2013

Oh no I’m in trouble, mommy has that look in her eye. Last Saturday Bella an Sam got groomed. Now mommy is in her cleaning mode and I am afraid that I will be next. Mommy got up early this morning, and scooped out the cat litter, then she moved everything off the floor and started vacuuming. Next thing I know she sent daddy to get stuff for the shampooer and now she has us locked outside so she can shampoo the carpets. Meghan is scratching at the door wanting in but not me I’m going to lie here and hide until it’s safe. I don’t need another bath I’ve already had one this year that’s one too many. The problem is mommy waited until I thought I was safe last time then she sent me to get groomed. Making matters worse Daddy tookAunt Linda to work so he is planning to go some place, and daddy cleaned his CPAP machine so I know there is no nap for us today.
Sunday was great daddy was super tired so we got up for breakfast thence went back to bed, we got up again for lunch then went back to bed then finally up for a couple of hours at dinner time before going too bed for the night. Daddy and I spend almost the whole day in bed. What a great way to spend the day.
It’s worse than I thought daddy and mommy were gone for hours when they finally got home turns out mommy went to the groomers. I am sure I am next. I had better hide under the couch.