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Oh No!

Posted by on July 26, 2013
Daddy got Groomed

Daddy got Groomed

Earlier today mommy locked us all outside and when daddy let us back in all his hair was gone. I guess mommy groomed Daddy. She just can’t leave well enough alone. Earlier in the week she brushed Angel. I think by the time she was done there was enough left over hair for a whole nother Angel. Today she went after daddy then spent hours cleaning up and grooming the back yard. I hope I’m not next. When mommy gets like this she doesn’t stop until she has cleaned everything. I better hide somewhere safe maybe Aunt Linda will take me to work with her until mommy gets over this. Remember when Tyson was here mommy gave him a bath. You should be able to visit friends without worrying about getting groomed. After all were not cats that groom each other all the time.

Wait maybe that’s the problem everyone calls mommy Kat. It’s spelled different but sounds like cat. Could mommy be confused and some how think she really is a cat? Is that why she insist on grooming and cleaning everything all the time? I better talk with daddy about this he may need to get mommy professional help. Now that I’ve figured out the problem it all makes sense. I see the  cats cleaning themselves and each other all the time. Isn’t that what mommy is doing cleaning us and the house all the time. That explains a lot.  Poor mommy, daddy really needs to get her help and fast!