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One of Those Days!

Posted by on October 27, 2013
Tristan after getting groomed

My new look

Today started out good. Daddy took me outside then he sat on the porch while I took care of business. Afterwards I sat at his feet for awhile before we came back inside and had breakfast. Latter daddy took a big heavy chain outside while leaving me alone in the house. After a bit he opens the door to let me out the promptly puts the chain on me. Daddy says it’s because I’ve take off on my own twice so he can’t trust me outside alone. I feel like Jacob Marley, dragging his chain around. Well in my defense Uncle Tom had been missing for more than a day, we were worried about him even if mommy and daddy seemed fine with it. Tyson said it happens a lot and he can be missing for days even weeks. The three of us went looking for him. We figured we could cover more ground if we split up. Daddy was not happy when he found us, and both he and mommy gave me a talking to. Yesterday both daddy and mommy disappeared so I squeezed through the fence to go looking for them. As soon as I saw mommy I ran to her I figured daddy would be close by and I was right. Do they really want us to not care and not worry about them when they disappear?

So here I am outside dragging my chain around while Dolly and Tyson run around free. I should have paid more attention when daddy came out but I was just so happy to be free of the chains that bound me. I should have noticed that daddy had been groomed but I missed it. I didn’t even notice when he picked me up, I just thought we were going to sit on the couch me next to my daddy while he plays with the iPad. I was wrong! Daddy takes me into the kitchen where mommy is waiting to pounce. For the next hour I am held prisoner while mommy cuts off all my hair. All the while Tyson is sitting there laughing at me. I feel like a Naked Mole Rat. Worse yet winter is just around the corner and both daddy and I are bold. What was mommy thinking? I am so embarrassed I want to hide until my hair grows back.

What is it about people and holding paws? I see daddy and mommy holding paws all the time. Today while mommy was grooming me daddy kept holding my paws. Mommy and daddy seem to enjoy holding each other’s paws. I sure didn’t enjoy having mine held. Even if I wasn’t in the middle of getting groomed I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. People like the strangest things. Daddy likes it when mommy gives him kisses but when I try, his response is “yucky kissy”. I just don’t understand.

Well I’ve been groomed but at least I didn’t get bathed. I guess it could have been worse. Knowing mommy I bit it will get worse. Daddy is letting me use the computer while he makes dinner. I bet he doesn’t give me any. So how did your day go?