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Posted by on December 31, 2017
Two oranges one whole and one cut

There is nothing that compares to a fresh peeled orange

I confess I love oranges they are sweet, juicy, and oh so good. I watch my daddy as he peels them my mouth watering for the sweet treat that is about to come my way. My daddy will break off pieces making sure that the wonderful pulp is exposed and share with me.

A bag of cuties

A bag of cuties

Tristan's sister Autumn a Morkie

My Sister Autumn looks nothing like these cuties

On the other hand, my sister won’t touch the things. Mommy and daddy often call Autumn “Cutie” and according to T.V. cuties are a type of orange. I think she is afraid that by eating an orange she would be a cannibal. Of course, I know the difference between a dog and an orange. Then again Autumn seems to confuse me with a horse as she keeps trying to ride me. Mommy wants to get her a little cowboy hat and a rope. I want her to grow up and leave me alone and “get off my back”. All that said, Autumn’s dislike of oranges only means that there is more orange for me.

The cats are a different story when it comes to oranges. For the most part, none of them will even try them but Dein takes orange aversion to a whole new level. He flies! All that is needed to get Dein out of the room is to offer him an orange. He despises the sweet smell of them. Again, that just means more orange for me.

Now if only I could train mommy to share her oranges with me the way daddy does. I could double my daily orange intake if she would.