Mother Nature we need to have a bark.

Raining on the Las Vegas Strip

Mother Nature makes all of Las Vegas bathe.

This is the third day stop throwing bath at us. Every time we’ve gone out for the last three days you’ve thrown bath in our face. I understand you’re still sad over Aunt Linda’s passing but get a tissue or something. We’re sad too but we’re not crying baths all over everyone.

Isn’t it just like Mother Nature to make sure everyone feels her pain. There is nothing more evil than baths thrown on us poor doggies. Not that Mother Nature is evil, she just shares a little too much. It could be worse, I’ve seen some real bath pours in my days especially when we visited Tyson, my bestest friend in the whole world, at their home in Oregon. I have no idea who died there but there was constant bath being thrown at us for a month straight. It must have been someone Mother Nature really loved. Here we were next to the biggest bathtub I’ve ever seen, daddy called it the Pacific Ocean, and like that wasn’t bad enough we were hit with constant baths falling from the sky. Tyson says it’s like that all the time and that he is ready to move back to Vegas where it’s dryer. I guess Mother Nature doesn’t like as money people here in Vegas as she does in Oregon.

On the bright side, it looks like the falling bath is ending today. I guess she’s cried her eyes out or maybe she needs to cry more up north. It will be nice when we can safely go outside without fear of a bath.

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Aunt Linda

Sitting on the couch with my Aunt Linda

Sitting on the couch with my Aunt Linda

It’s a sad time in our house today. My Aunty Linda passed away. She was a great woman, loved by cats and dogs alike. I could always count on her to pick me up when daddy wasn’t home, to offer a sweet treat, or to scratch my ears. I doubt I’ll be able to finish my post tonight it’s hard to type with tears in my eyes.

My daddy says that Aunt Linda is in a better place where she is no longer in pain. All I know is that now I’m the one in pain. I guess it’s not as bad for me as it is for my cousins, she was their mother and they are taking it bad. Kind of like I did when my daddy was in the hospital except my daddy came home, their mommy never will. I keep hoping that I will wake up in the morning and find it’s all been a bad dream. Deep down I know it isn’t.

Aunt Linda if they have Internet in heaven and you’re able to access my blog. I want you to know how much I love you and we will miss you. You were one of a kind someone who stood out above most of the rest I know that you loved us and the world will not be the same without you in it. Just yesterday when my daddy was gone most of the day, you held me and comforted me. Who’s going to be there for me now?

I’m sure you went to heaven and since all dogs go to heaven that Samantha is there by your side covering you with kisses. I’m sure all your little ones who have gone before are there with you. I still wish you were here with us.

I was right it’s been a couple of days now. Life has been crazy here. So much to take care of and still this big hole in my heart. One of my cousins was laying outside Aunt Linda’s door crying Monday morning. I think we are all crying and still in shock unable to believe you are gone. We love and miss you, Aunt Linda,

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Tristan’s Thinking January 5, 2018

Tristan for President
Tristan after being brushed and baithed be his mommy.

Tristan’s Thinking

My plan is to post a weekly thought, quote or misquote as daddy calls them, and my top pick. Daddy doesn’t think I’ll remember to keep this up, I’ll show him.

Tristan’s Thought of the Week

Teach you dog to fish

Teach your dog to fish

Give a dog a fish and he will love you for a day. Teach a dog to fish and watch the sponsorships come rolling in.

The problem is the big bathtubs that fish live in.

Tristan’s Misquote of the week

“So many treats, so little time.”

Thankfully Aunt Linda does her best to give me as many as she can.

If I could pick my treat, I’d pick all of them

Tristan’s Pick of the Week

Kong Classic Dog Toy and don’t forget to fill it with peanut butter.

My daddy has yet to buy me a Kong, my mouth waters at the thought of unlimited peanut butter right at the tip of my tongue.

My dream filled with peanut butter

My dream filled with peanut butter

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Grandpa Thurman.

My grandpa Thurman, my mommy’s daddy, got sick the end of last year. He was sick for a week and everyone was afraid that he had had another stroke. His doctor sent him to the hospital where they found out he had just got a bug, infection, and gave him antibiotics. After a week in the hospital, they sent him to rehab though I’m not sure what characteristic he needs to be rehabbed from. My guess is they want him to stop chasing bugs.

No one is sure what kind of bug he caught but it must have been a nasty one. I’ve never seen Grandpa Thurman chasing bugs but I’ve watched the cats chase them. When they catch them they eat them. If Grandpa Truman ate the one he caught no wonder he got sick. I hope he learned his lesson and stops chasing bugs. I saw Chip Gaines on Fixer Upper catch and eat a roach one time. I’m surprised he didn’t get sick. Daddy did just watching him.

Anyway, mommy says he’s doing much better though she’s concerned he’s not eating enough. Maybe after eating the bug he caught he is afraid to eat anything. Besides, hospital food can’t be anywhere near as good as my daddy’s cooking. That said, just being around vets/doctors spoil my appetite.

Mommy can’t wait to get her daddy home again. I understand how she feels I feel the same way when my daddy is in the hospital. I for one feel that we dogs should be not only allowed but expected to stay with our parents when they are sick and in the hospital. They need our protection even more when they are sick. If I were there to growl at the doctors, I’m sure daddy would have gotten better faster. Come to think about it I would need to growl at daddy to make sure he works hard to get better. Daddy can be lazy at times. Who doesn’t want to be allowed to lie around all the time and be waited on hand and foot?

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Have a Save, Sane, and Happy New Year

Colorful fireworks over water
New Years Fireworks in London

New Years Fireworks in London

And a Scary New Year’s Eve it is!

With hours yet to go, our neighbors have already started blowing things up. My poor sister, Autumn, is in her hiding spot in the bed’s headboard. Autumn doesn’t do well when the fireworks start. It’s the same come July 4th and any other time people are setting off things that go bang or boom.

My sister Autumn hiding from the fireworks in the bed's Head Board

My sister Autumn hiding in the bed’s Head Board

Daddy shared a few jokes with me earlier about New Years.

  1. If the person who is supposed to drop the ball falls asleep and the ball isn’t dropped does that mean that the ball dropper dropped the ball when it came time to drop the ball?
  2. Why is New Years symbolized by dropping a ball? Because that’s what happens with most New Year Resolutions.

I’ve barked before about how stupid humans are and how confusing their speech is. That first joke is a prime example. Why do humans need so many words and why do some words have so many meanings? Also, why do humans need five million different languages? We dogs don’t have that problem we all bark the same language and we all know what each other means.

New Years in New York

New Years in New York

New Years Day.

I started on this last night but with Autumn scared out of her fur, daddy turned out the lights in hope that Autumn would fall asleep. Sometime after midnight Autumn crawled out of the headboard and curled up above daddy’s head. Normally I don’t like my sister cuddling with daddy but this time I’ll make an exception. This morning us guys had to escort Autumn out to go potty, allowing her to feel safe after the war games last night.

New Years in Las Vegas

New Years in Las Vegas

I don’t understand the idea of blowing things up to start the New Year. Why not start with something peaceful and set an example of what we want the New Year to be like? I also don’t understand why they started at 6:00 PM it wasn’t even New Years in New York or why they kept going well past midnight. Enough with the wargames some of us need to sleep so we can play with our cousins when they arrive. All but one of my Aunts will be over later as will all my dog cousins. Talk about a full house. Today daddy gets a cooking break and Aunt Cora is making us dinner.

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Two oranges one whole and one cut

There is nothing that compares to a fresh peeled orange

I confess I love oranges they are sweet, juicy, and oh so good. I watch my daddy as he peels them my mouth watering for the sweet treat that is about to come my way. My daddy will break off pieces making sure that the wonderful pulp is exposed and share with me.

A bag of cuties

A bag of cuties

Tristan's sister Autumn a Morkie

My Sister Autumn looks nothing like these cuties

On the other hand, my sister won’t touch the things. Mommy and daddy often call Autumn “Cutie” and according to T.V. cuties are a type of orange. I think she is afraid that by eating an orange she would be a cannibal. Of course, I know the difference between a dog and an orange. Then again Autumn seems to confuse me with a horse as she keeps trying to ride me. Mommy wants to get her a little cowboy hat and a rope. I want her to grow up and leave me alone and “get off my back”. All that said, Autumn’s dislike of oranges only means that there is more orange for me.

The cats are a different story when it comes to oranges. For the most part, none of them will even try them but Dein takes orange aversion to a whole new level. He flies! All that is needed to get Dein out of the room is to offer him an orange. He despises the sweet smell of them. Again, that just means more orange for me.

Now if only I could train mommy to share her oranges with me the way daddy does. I could double my daily orange intake if she would.


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Merry Christmas Everyone

Tristan sleeping with his candy cane

Here I am protecting the candy cane Santa dropped off at Aunt Cora’s for me.

Well, once again Santa didn’t come to our house. However, he did visit Aunt Cora and leave stuff there for us. I guess he doesn’t come here because of the cats. Either they are too bad or he is allergic to them. I think it’s because he can’t carry enough coal for the cat’s stocking so he just passes us by.

I guess I can’t really blame him I wouldn’t stop here either if I were him. The only thing cats are good for are as chewing toys. We have so many here I’m sure he would trip over them if he did stop. I find them under feet all the time.

I hate when daddy takes a nap in the afternoon and the bed is full of cats. There isn’t enough room on the bed for us and a million cats. It’s bad enough the mommy Kat is an iCat, I guess that life could be worse, we could have even more cats.

With that said daddy has a Ham in one cooker and the turkey in the oven. I’m not sure what other fine treats await us for dinner this afternoon but knowing daddy I’m sure that they will be wonderful. Even if Santa doesn’t stop here daddy’s dinner is better than anything that silly old man could ever bring.

As it stands there are pies by the dozens, chocolates that must be really good because daddy says they would make us sick. He says this while he’s eating a chocolate himself. This is why I know they must be so good that daddy had to make up a story explaining why we can’t have any. Just like grapes which daddy devours by the pound but claims they are bad for dogs. He should try the so called “dog food” that we eat even the cat food must be better since they put it up high where we can’t reach it. The cats don’t bother eating the dog food so theirs must be better. All that said, the cats normally don’t get much if any of the food daddy makes. The cats aren’t even supposed to go outside. Though occasionally they make a break for it. I should feel sorry for them since cats have to go inside the box they don’t get to go outside and potty like us dogs get to.

Daddy makes the best food in the world. Whenever they go out to eat Aunt Linda makes sure to bring some home for us. What Aunt Linda brings home is not as good as what my daddy makes. I don’t know why they even bother going out to eat. Daddy’s cooking before was the best but ever since he got the Sous Vide it’s been even better.


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Why worry about the price of tea in China?

The price of tea in China

The price of tea in China

Over my lifetime, I’ve heard a lot of talk about the price of tea in China. What should I care about how much tea cost in China? I don’t live in China, I don’t even drink tea in fact, nobody in my family drinks tea. Since everyone talked about it, tea must be important to that Chinese people. However, it means nothing to me. I didn’t think I cared about the price of tea in China.

Chinese top exports

Chinese top exports

Then, Daddy pointed out that almost everything comes from China now days. Most dog food and treats. The stuff around the house almost everything is made in China. My Daddy says he has a hard time finding. Dog food and treats that doesn’t come from China. He won’t buy them because it’s been too many cases of bad food and treats. Dogs getting sick and even dying for Chinese made dog treats and dog food. Daddy says it’s important that everyone should buy American to build the American economy.

Buy American Help America

Buy American Help America

With everything being made in China if the price of tea goes up, then of course. Workers are going to want more money. That means the price of everything is going to go out. With my daddy and Mommy living on a fixed income with the prices of things go up the can’t get as much. That means that I have to sacrifice some of my treats. With that in mind, I realize how important the price of tea in China should be to everyone.

A simble budget plan

A simble budget plan

I say it’s time, we petitioned President Trump. He must insist on the freezing pricing on Chinese tea. Better yet, he said, subsidize the price to bring it down so the price of everything else will come down too. If prices come down on everything else. My Daddy will be able to buy me more treats and that’ll make me happy. I love treats.

The perfect gift for man's best friend Dingo Goof Balls.

The perfect gift for man’s best friend Dingo Goof Balls.

Speaking of treats I hope everyone rushed out and bought some nice dingo treats for the puppy dogs to see if Christmas. Trust me a dog will thank you for them.

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Dein still thinks he’s a god.

Lazy Dein

Poor Dein, the cat, he can’t understand why daddy is so cruel to him. It’s not like we live in the desert, oh wait yes, we do but that’s beside the point. If daddy really loved him, really cared about him, he would never let his water bowl run this dry. The water level must be at least 1/8th an inch below the top of the bowl that’s a good ounce that is missing out of it. As dry as it is, Dein’s water bowl might of well be a dust bowl.

Lazy Dein

The world’s laziest cat!

That of course was last night. This morning while daddy was making pizza for everyone Dien discovered that his water dish was now almost a full glass low. I could hear Dein’s cries even though I was still in the bedroom with Mommy. I’m sure it woke the people in china leaving the fearful that the end was near. Daddy must have been afraid that someone would call the cops or report him to the SPCA, as he filled Dein’s bowl allowing the rest of us freedom to think. As for me, my ears are still ringing. The thing is Dein’s water bowl holds more than a gallon of water plus there is another water bowl in our bedroom that holds about half a gallon of water and a third smaller one in Aunt Linda’s bedroom. Add to that the two porcelain ones in the torture chambers AKA bathrooms and there is plenty of water to drink.

Dein has the same problem with his food dish, the cat’s have three of the strategically placed so we dogs can’t get at the better food. Cats are given better food than us to make up for the fact that they have no real value other than being chew toys. If Dein’s main food bowl isn’t so full that cat food is falling off the sides, then it’s empty and he can’t eat from it. I recall one time that daddy poured what was left in a bag of cat food into his bowl and though it was over the top it didn’t over flow. Dein stood their crying until daddy broke down and opened a new bag so he could over full the bowl. The Egyptians once treated cats like gods, Dein still expects to be treated that way. I can only assum that one of his nine lives was in ancient Egypt.


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No cats were harmed in the making of this blog.

My thought for the day:

Dog spelled backwards is God, Cat spelled backwards is Tac. I would rather sit with God than sit on a Tac(k). Dog’s, are man’s best friend and cats have the crazy cat lady. Any question on who has the better marketing program?

Thinking about cats

Barking about cats, Dein, my favorite chew toy, has been a real pain lately. He sleeps with mommy during the day which keeps him out of my fur. At night mommy and daddy lock all the cats out of the bedroom so there is room for them to sleep on the bed with us dogs. Trust me there isn’t enough room otherwise. Dein will sit outside the door crying, he will bring gifts and leave them at mommy and daddy’s door. This week he even made a sculpture using a towel, my cousin’s ball, and three quarters of a paper plate.

Dein's artwork

Dein’s artwork

When it comes to water Dein is one of the laziest, fussiest cats around. If his water bowl isn’t 100% full he cries for it to be filled. He lays down with his head over the bowl to drink and attempts to drink straight from the source when daddy fills the bowl. He’s the same way when it comes to his food dish, if its not 100% full it might as well be empty.

Lazy Dein

When Dein is busy sleeping with mommy I always have the option of playing with one of my other chew toys. Dein’s father, Haggy cat, comes to mind as a great chew toy.

Haggy sleeping which is about all cats do

Haggy, not caring one way or theother

Whenever I get bored the cats can provide plenty of entertainment as they attempt to catch a fly or watch birds on the back porch.  Yes, even though cats are a pain in the back, they make great play toys and are fun to laugh at.

Wisk having a cat-nap with us on the couch

Today my daddy has an appointment at the VA hospital, those who have been keeping up with my blog know how I despise all medical professionals. You might also recall how shocked I was to find out that my daddy was a vet until he explained the difference between a Veteran and a Veterinarian. I know now that most Vets (Veterans) are great people. My daddy proudly served in the US Air Force for twelve years until his health got in the way. Because of this daddy gets medical help from the VA. Today he has an appointment to find out about getting a power scooter. I wish they would give me one. Can you imagine how much fun it would be running all over the place in your own personal scooter? This would take chasing cats to an all new level. Then again what would I do when I catch them? I wouldn’t want to run them over. I guess I need to think about this a bit. There had better be room on daddy’s scooter for me.



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