Poor Autumn got groomed

Autumn after getting groomed by mommy
Autumn after getting groomed by mommy

Autumn got groomed

We knew it was going to happen momma has been busy cleaning and grooming everything in sight. The other day mommy cornered daddy in the bathroom and took all his hair off. Then she got hold of Autumn, the poor girl. We could hear her screams of terror throughout the house. Worse yet were the cries of pain as mommy tortured her to no end. It must have gone on for hours I did my best to bury my head so I couldn’t hear her cries but nothing I did helped. Bella the Tasmanian Yorkie being Bella attempted to rescue Autumn running in there to howl at mommy but that didn’t help either. At one-point Autumn managed to escape and daddy chased her all around the house before he managed to corner her and take her back to mommy. Finally, mommy was done. Autumn flew from the room and hid herself in shame.

Now comes the terror of waiting because I know I’m next. Though maybe momma will get the nerve to attempt grooming Bella she needs it more than I do. However, Bella is likely to take a finger or two off of anyone who attempts to bath or groom her. Bella is a groom at your own risk kind of dog.

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This has got to stop!

Again, my sister Autumn got to go with mommy and daddy on a car ride and I got left behind. The went with Aunt Mary to Pioneer Days at Spring Mountain Ranch. Mommy says that Autumn got to go because she behaves herself around strangers. Sure, I bark and act like I want to kill anyone who comes around but haven’t you heard about “Stranger Danger”? Keep in mind the only reason we haven’t been killed by the mailman is because I chase him off every day.

That said I get to gloat over the chicken. After they got home Aunt Mary bought us all KFC. My sister Autumn went in the bedroom with mommy sure that her big sad eyes would convince mommy to share lots of her food as she always does. Meanwhile both daddy and Aunt Linda gave me big tastes and mommy thought the chicken was too good so refused to share. So, I got chicken and my sister got nothing. Serves her right for going off and leaving me at home.

Of course while they were gone the evil mailman tried to attack our house and I scared him off but not before he could drop pills and bills for daddy. Trump wants to build a wall and kick out all the illegals why doesn’t he start by throwing out all the mailmen. The least he could do is end all federal funding for the postal Service. Why should our tax dollars go to support such an evil group?

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My daddy is so smart.

My cousin Iris snuck out of the house on Saturday so daddy and mommy went to the Animal Foundation to see if she ended up there. On the way home Aunt Linda’s car started overheating. Daddy and mommy had to make several stops on the way home to let the dumb car cool off. Sometimes I feel that the only reason cars were invented was to cause problems. Needless to say it took daddy and mommy hours to get home which in doggy times is forever.

When they got home I heard mommy ask what could cause the problem and right off the top of his head daddy as able to spit out the most likely causes. On Wednesday daddy popped the hood and in no time at all, even by dog time, he was back in having identified the problem and was able to order the part. Daddy even checked on-line to see if anyone had the part in stock than discovering it would take a week to get here daddy checked Amazon, found the part for less than the Auto part stores and ordered it.

The party arrived today and it took daddy less than 15 minutes to get it installed. Then he, mommy, and my sister Autumn took it out for a test drive to make sure everything worked fine. I confess I am a little green with envy that I wasn’t invited to go along. However, as expected everything worked fine and my smart daddy once again ruled the day. I knew daddy could fix it and I think that the only reason he took it for a test drive was to get out of the house.

Now if only he would do something with the SUV Stupid Ugly Vehicle. Mommy thinks we should sell it, I vote for pushing it off a cliff.

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Help find a lost cat.

Missing cat


Missing Cat

Help us find a missing cat

My cousin Iris escaped from the house Saturday night and has not come home yet. My Aunt Linda is very sad and wants her baby back. If anyone sees her give Aunt Linda a call at (702)517-1728

Missing cat

Help us bring this little girl home.

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Today is my Aunt Mary’s birthday

Aunt Mary's birthday dinner
Aunt Mary's birthday dinner

Aunt Mary’s birthday dinner. Rib Eye Steak, Baked Potato, and Corn on the Cob


My family likes to get everyone together for holiday’s birthdays, or whenever they feel like it. Most of the time daddy goes all out cooking big meals that are more than anyone can eat. We were all joined by my Aunt Mary, Aunt Cora, and my Cousin Sherry.

Not surprisingly daddy decided to use his new toy to cook the steaks. However, he couldn’t get them all in at once so had to cook them in two batches. Daddy said that was OK because not everyone wanted their steaks cooked the same. Daddy fully cooked the steaks Sous Vide then finished them off on the grill to give them that smoky taste. Daddy was worried about how things would turn out as he hadn’t cooked steaks this way yet. He should not have worried.

Last week Aunt Mary had taken daddy and mommy to outback for dinner. Daddy had eaten the ribeye steak or should I say daddy had eaten half of it then offered mommy a taste and mommy finished it up. Mommy says the ribeye steaks daddy made were at least as good as the one they had at Outback, maybe even better. I can’t testify to that since mommy ate my left overs and didn’t bring home a doggy bag. I can say that by far it was the best steak I’ve ever had. I like daddy’s new toy and hope he uses it all the time.


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Daddy got a new toy.

Our Firs Sous Vide Dinner
Our Firs Sous Vide Dinner

Our First Sous Vide Dinner


I think everyone knows my daddy loves to cook and I love eating what he cooks. People foolishly don’t value the opinion of us dogs but I’m not the only one who thinks daddy is a good cook. Everyone tells him that he is. In fact, he’s been told he should open a restaurant. As far as I’m concerned daddy just needs to keep cooking for us.

A few days ago, daddy saw a post on Facebook about a new method of cooking and has been excited to try it. However, in order to try it daddy needed to buy a new toy. As soon as daddy got paid he ordered it and waited excitedly for the UPS guy to arrive with it. As soon as it arrived daddy set it up loaded a roast into it and turned it on.

This new way of cooking is called Sous Vide and involves putting the food in a plastic bag sucking all the air out then sealing it. The bag with the food in it is then put in a hot water bath and left for hours to cook.

Everyone knows my feelings about baths but it turns out that if you cook in a bath the food not only tastes good but turns out supper tender. Daddy made a big roast, roasted potatoes, gravy and peas for dinner. Daddy plans to use his new toy often and even before we finished eating our dinner he had already started some Pork Country Ribs for tomorrow night. When it comes to food, I’m happy to help eat anything he makes, I just wish daddy could cook will I’m sitting beside him.

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Daddy did it again!

Mommy and my sister Autumn have been up with my Aunt Monica in Payson Utah for the last few weeks. On Thursday after several days of hard work, daddy and I hopped into the truck and took off for points unknown. At first, I though that we were just going up to get mommy as we went through Mesquite and Cedar City. That’s where things changed instead of getting back on the freeway daddy went through town and turned up into the mountains. We went up and up and up. The road turned this way and that way I kept expecting to come around the next turn and see ourselves. After an hour daddy pulled into a large campground sitting next to a big bathtub. Aside from the big bathtub it was a beautiful campground. Daddy called it Navajo Lake and said that he came up her with his parents when he was a little kid. Daddy left me in the truck while he got started putting up the camp. I took hours but in time daddy had everything set up and I was able to get out and starch my legs. After dinner, Mother nature throw a bath at us but we were able to go inside and stay dry. It got cold that night so I was hoping to wake up to snow but no such luck.

The next morning, we were on the road again leaving our campsite all set up. We drove back down to Cider City, hopped on the freeway and drove up to get mommy before returning to our campsite. Of course, Mother Nature throw another bath at us, in fact every night we were there she throw baths at us.

By Sunday night daddy wasn’t looking very good. Every time he got up he throw up. Daddy couldn’t even keep water down. Yet somehow supper daddy was still able to make wonderful meals for us. Over the next couple of days daddy kept getting worse. There is a saying the lights are on but nobody’s home. That’s the way daddy was by Tuesday morning. Mommy was worried and had the camp host call an ambulance.

The ambulance showed up and took daddy down by the big bathtub. I thought they were going to wash him but no they waited there for a helicopter to arrive which took my daddy away. Now we had a real problem not only was daddy sick but we were stuck on the mountain mommy can’t drive the truck so we had no way to get anywhere. Worse the cell phones didn’t work so mommy couldn’t call anyone.

Thankfully a nice lady staying near us drove down the mountain and called my sister Cassie to come rescue everyone. Cassie and her husband, Jordan, arrived that afternoon, they packed up everything into the truck, and then took us down to their place and took mommy to visit daddy at the hospital.

Turns out that because daddy was throwing everything up he became dehydrated and his kidney’s failed causing his system to become toxic. Daddy spent five days in the hospital before he was well enough to join us. Then we spent a couple of days with Cassie’s family until daddy was well enough to drive the truck home. I’ve got a new rule daddy isn’t allowed to get sick anymore.

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A Long Trip to Visit my Bestest Friend in the World.

Taurus the Pest
Taurus the Pest

Taurus the Pest

It’s been a lifetime since my bestest friend, Tyson, moved away. We’ve only made it up there once and that was years ago. When my sister Autumn had babies my parents promised my Nephew Taurus to my Uncle Tom and Aunt Kris. Taurus is to become Tyson’s new brother. I guess that means my nephew is becoming my cousin does that make him my nephin or my cousew? I like the last option it fits how I fell about my pesty nephews. Sorry Tyson I had doing this do you but am happy to have him gone.

It’s almost a thousand-mile drive from our home in Las Vegas to their home in Oregon. A long hot drive I wish daddy would fix the AC in the truck. Next time I hope we do the trip in winter, I’ve already got my fir coat on and it’s not like I can take it off when we get hot.

This time we did something different. Our Dodge Truck has a cover on the back. Daddy set up an air mattress and each night we camped out in the back of the truck. I like this new way of camping. The one problem we ran into was that daddy got sick and was throwing up on the way there.

My uncle Tom has health problem. His wife, my Aunt Kris, had to go into the hospital for surgery and daddy wanted to be up there just incase he was needed. We spent a week there before heading across country to visit my Aunt Monica in Payson. Daddy dropped mommy and my sister Autumn off and we returned home. Over all I think the trip was over two thousand miles but it was worth the drive seeing my bestest friend dropping of Taurus the pain.

Now with mommy and Autumn gone I get daddy to myself for a few weeks.


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Merry Christmas one and all

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2016

I can’t believe it’s been a year all ready. And once a gain good old St. Nick has shown his true colors by not bringing us anything. I guess the true meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with Santa Clause and presents. Though, it would sure be nice to get presents sometimes. At least, I’ve got my daddy, mommy, and Aunts, to cook a wonderful Christmas dinner for us. My Tummy tells me that food is much better than gifts even though gifts seem to last longer.

To be honest the really important thing for me is family of which I’ve got a lot. Most of my family came over this year though since my brother Ben and his family have moved into their own apartment I’ve missed having my little cousins running around here. I had hoped to see them but no such luck.

One BIG problem with Christmas in Las Vegas is there is no snow. The only snowmen are made of plastic. At least with I don’t need to worry about snowballs. We do have a fireplace it’s just not cold enough to use the thing. 

All that said I had a great day playing with my cousins, eating good food, and cuddling with my daddy.


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We must be rednecks

The other day daddy was listening to Pandora when Jeff Foxworthy came on. He was talking about how you might be a redneck if… and it seemed if your family was related every which way you might be a redneck.

  • your brother-in-law is also your uncle.
  • Your family tree doesn’t have any branches.
  • Your dad is also your favorite uncle.
  • You dated your daddy’s current wife in high school.
  • You’ve been married three times and still have the same in-laws.
  • Your state’s got a new law that says when a couple get divorced, they are still legally brother and sister.
  • You think there’s nothin wrong with incest as long as you keep it in the family.
  • Your aunt and your grandmother went to the funeral and had a fight over who gets to be the widow.
  • Ya can’t get married to yer sweetheart ’cause there is a law against it.
  • Your brother-in-law is your uncle AND your grandfather.

Looking at my family we must be rednecks Lets look closer at who’s who and how e are all related.

  1. Daddy and mommy are Taurus’s grandparents and his uncle. Uncle Tom and Aunt Kris are Taurus’s mommy and daddy.
  2. I am Taurus’s uncle and cousin.
  3. Autumn is Taurus’s mom and cousin.
  4. Haggy is Dien’s and Sammy’s father.
  5. Sammy’s mother Iris is Dien’s sister. They have the same mother.
  6. Iris is Dien’s and Sammy’s cousin. Aunt Linda is her mommy
  7. I guess you could say that Haggy is Iris’s step father as well as her cousin and husband. That would mean Haggy is Sammy’s grandfather, great uncle, father, and brother.
  8. My cousin Tyson is Taurus’s brother and cousin.

Once we throw in all the aunts and uncles things really get crazy.

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