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Locating a good campsite at Lovell Canyon
Posted by on January 28, 2016
Locating a good campsite at Lovell Canyon

Locating a good campsite at Lovell Canyon

It’s kind of like camping but without the sleepover.

Yesterday morning daddy got up and made a run to the store. He returned with two grocery bags and a bag of ice. Then digging an ice chest out of the garage he filled it with the bag of ice and the groceries he had just bought. Looks like we are going on a trip. Next daddy loaded a couple of camp chairs, one of his grills and a table. We must be going camping.

I watched carefully as daddy continued to pack but he never loaded one of our tents, a bed, any clothing, or his CPAP. If we are going camping, we need those. Especially daddy’s CPAP. He’s not allowed to sleep without it because it stops his snoring.

I did notice that daddy packed our food and water bowl. Good news there, wherever daddy’s going I’m going with him.

When mommy got up she asked if daddy was ready and he told her yep! Wait daddy aren’t you forgetting things? I guess not, daddy loaded us all in the truck, throw mommy’s wheelchair in the back and away we went. We had hardly gotten on the road when mommy asked if daddy had brought a blanket. He hadn’t yet they decided we didn’t need one. I tried to tell them that we had forgotten most of the camping gear but they weren’t listening to me.

Daddy asked mommy where she wanted to go first and when she responded Lovell I thought she had said Love You. Mommy and daddy say that a lot to each other and then get all mushy which Autumn hates so gets in their face and tells them to break it up. Good thing they didn’t get all mushy while daddy was driving or we would have been in real trouble.

We headed out-of-town toward Pahrump then half-way there turned onto a side road that said Lovell Canyon. I now understood that mommy had said Lovell not love you. We drove up into the mountains until daddy turned onto a dirt road and pulled into the trees. There was a nice clearing there where we stopped and daddy got us out to look around. There was even snow on the ground in places.

Snow at Lovell Canyon there was a lot more further up.

Snow at Lovell Canyon there was a lot more further up.

Mommy thought this would be a great place to camp. Good thing we weren’t far from home. I couldn’t wait to see what happened when mommy realized daddy had forgotten the tents, beds, etc. But wait! Daddy loaded us back in the car and away we went after a while mommy said that we should look at Potosi now so daddy tuned around and headed home.

Partway home there was a sigh for Potosi Mountain and we again turned off the main road. They may have called it a mountain but we headed off into the desert on a dirt road. After several miles and with the road getting worse daddy stopped on a small hill overlooking a valley, mommy said it was a great view. I admit we could see for miles in every direction but all we saw was desert. They decided that this was where they wanted to stop so daddy started to unpack and set things up.

Now it was time to discover that we left the tent behind but no after setting up the camp chairs daddy got mommy out so she could sit in one and watch us as daddy got everything else set up then daddy light a fire and started cooking. I was left to sit on the cold, hard, rocky ground while daddy cooked despite the fact that there was not only a perfectly good camp chair sitting there empty but also mommy’s wheelchair. Autumn was already sitting on mommy’s lap but so far no one had thought about me.

Daddy was calling this a picnic while mommy was calling it a date night. Mommy and daddy gone date nights a lot but this was the first time they brought us. If this is what a date night is why haven’t they brought us before?

Daddy cooked steaks and backed potatoes. I think they were the best steaks he’s ever made. After dinner daddy held me as he and mommy talked. Then when mommy announced that she was getting cold daddy packed everything back into the truck and we headed home.

I think we need to go picnicking more often.