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Poor Autumn and here come Christmas.

A wild pig in our neighborhood
Posted by on December 23, 2015

None of Autumn’s friends came out to bark with her today. I guess she will have to wait until tomorrow for the latest gossip. In all honesty who cares about who chased what cat or what everyone’s people are up to. All I care about is my people and that darn white and black cat that keeps fighting with my Haggy. No one should beat upon my cats but me. Well maybe Autumn can but she’s family.

A wild pig in our neighborhood

A wild pig in our neighborhood

We took our normal walk today. However, there was no one out today so I only had to protect my daddy from that evil pick that is allowed to roam freely in someone’s yard. I’ve seen shows with Boars in them the shows are boring but the boars sure aren’t. Pigs are just boars without the tasks. Autumn and I have been able to keep him from attacking daddy. In fact, we have him scared stiff. The only good place for a pig is on my plate either as ham or bacon. The only reason I can see for them to be keeping a pig around is so they can roast a large ham for Christmas. Daddy tends to just buy a smaller prepackaged ham. Much smarter than keeping a whole one around.


Drabble's Dog waiting for Santa.

Drabble’s Dog waiting for Santa.


Drabble's Dog can't stay awake

Drabble’s Dog can’t stay awake

Just a few days until Christmas. I hope Santa comes this year. I’m not like the dog in the Drabble Comic. I’m not going to chase Santa away I know he’s a good guy unlike the evil mailman. The problem is Santa only comes to homes that have children it seems he has something against us Dogs. Sounds like a hate related crime just waiting to happen. Maybe Santa’s not such a nice guy after all.