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Poor Autumn got groomed

Autumn after getting groomed by mommy
Posted by on September 28, 2017
Autumn after getting groomed by mommy

Autumn got groomed

We knew it was going to happen momma has been busy cleaning and grooming everything in sight. The other day mommy cornered daddy in the bathroom and took all his hair off. Then she got hold of Autumn, the poor girl. We could hear her screams of terror throughout the house. Worse yet were the cries of pain as mommy tortured her to no end. It must have gone on for hours I did my best to bury my head so I couldn’t hear her cries but nothing I did helped. Bella the Tasmanian Yorkie being Bella attempted to rescue Autumn running in there to howl at mommy but that didn’t help either. At one-point Autumn managed to escape and daddy chased her all around the house before he managed to corner her and take her back to mommy. Finally, mommy was done. Autumn flew from the room and hid herself in shame.

Now comes the terror of waiting because I know I’m next. Though maybe momma will get the nerve to attempt grooming Bella she needs it more than I do. However, Bella is likely to take a finger or two off of anyone who attempts to bath or groom her. Bella is a groom at your own risk kind of dog.