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Poor Daddy

Posted by on January 14, 2016


Daddy’s been waking up every morning with a bad headache. I know daddy wants to get rid of it but mommy says we need to keep my sister Autumn. As for me Since the only thing that will shuts her up is a walk and I’m all for daddy taking daily walks I say tough luck daddy but Autumn can’t we shot for a little later in the morning?

Autumn wakes us before sun up or as daddy says before “son” up. i.e. before I get up. Autumn can wake us up as early as 5:00 AM. Much earlier than either daddy or I like. Oh well, some sacrifices must be made to insure daddy gets his daily Physical Therapy.

Sadly, there’s not much we can do about it daddy needs his PT and he won’t get it on his own. I guess the news isn’t all bad. They say there is a silver lining in very cloud.  Autumn is our silver lining.

In other news:

More Autumn

Autumn also likes to sunbath. The problem is her golden hair blends perfectly with the golden brown of our winter grass. Daddy can look out the back door and not be able to see her. Even when he goes out looking it’s hard for him to find her. Maybe id daddy cut the grass down a bit it would help.

Autumn has this thing about animals on TV. Whenever an Animal comes on TV she goes crazy barking her head off. I guess she doesn’t understand that TV is only make believe. She must protect her home from all these make believe intruders. Everyone knows TV isn’t real and its only threat is to our time. Unlike the evil mailman who steals everything from daddy’s secure lock box on the front of the house and replaces it with bills and pills. Now that’s a real threat to the safety of our home.


Speaking of pills daddy and mommy got a whole bunch more from the evil mailman earlier this week. Daddy’s doctors want him to lose weight but then gives him about a zillion pills to take four times a day. I’m thinking that’s so there’s no room left for food. At the same time, I can’t help but wonder how many calories are in all them pills.


Last night daddy was lazy and ordered us Pizza. I like Pizza because daddy doesn’t always eat the crust so guess who gets stuck with it. J Even better daddy is having leftovers for breakfast which means more I’ll be stuck eating more crust. Now if only we could figure a way to convince daddy that steak is really just a crust.