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Saturday mail delivery

Posted by on February 15, 2013
Tritan sittlng on the couch next to his daddy waiting for the evil mailman to arrive

Me sitting next to Daddy waiting for the evil mailman

Here I am sitting on the couch next to my daddy who is on the computer he left the iPad on the couch so I can update my blog. This morning my daddy told me that the post office is going to stop Saturday mail delivery sometime this summer it can’t happen fast enough for me. It means one less day each week of protecting my house and family from the evil mailman.

The UPS guy stopped by yesterday, he’s OK I understand mommy use to work for UPS. He brought a box of pills that daddy was very happy to get. The UPS guys OK because he doesn’t bring bills or steal things from the box out front. He and the Fed Ex guy bring nice things to the house but I still warn them off just like I do everyone else that comes on our property even the pizza delivery guy. I love pizza. The thing is my bark is worse than my bite I really like visitors as long as they understand that this is my home they are welcome to visit but don’t over stay you’re welcome.  The truth is I love everyone even the evil mailman just as long as they understand this is my home.

Don’t tell the evil mailman. I don’t want him to know.