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Still at my bestest friend’s house.

Posted by on March 17, 2013

We are still staying with my bestest friend. His daddy seems to be doing well though a little strange in the head. At home my daddy leaves the food dish out 24/7 if we are hungry we eat, except for Meghan who is always hungry but never gains an ounce. Tyson’s daddy seems to think we only need to eat twice a day so only puts the food out for a short time. If I over sleep I miss breakfast. Not only that but we have to sit, stay in outside the kitchen while he fills the bowls we aren’t allowed in until he says we can come get it. What a strange way to do feeding. However, the cats have their food out all the time.
Speaking of cats, their cats don’t like me and won’t play with me. One of them had me trapped in the laundry room until my daddy came to rescue me. It’s a good thing our cats stayed at home the bed here is smaller than ours barely enough room for me too sleep with my daddy and mommy. Just goes to prove that I am the most loved. I don’t see Dein coming with us. Serves him right. The other day Tyson’s daddy and my daddy took us on a business trip to the mail box.
The have a locked box for the evil mailman to put mail in. Much better than what we have but it’s a long way from the house so there is no way for Tyson to protect it.poor Tyson he can’t really do his job maybe that’s why his daddy is so strict about his food.he can’t work so only gets doggy food stamps. When Tyson stayed with us he was there every day to help my chase off the evil mailman.dogs like everyone else need to prove their self-worth even if it’s just protecting their home from the evils of the outside world.
Poor Tyson doesn’t even have a real yard.they live in a trail urge which is a moveable house built on stilts in a trailer park. With a nice porch and small patio that you need to climb down stairs to get too and only a little patch of dirt for doing his business on. With my back legs stairs are scary. I’m glad we don’t have them at our house. We did at our old house angel and her mommy lived up stairs so I could only visit if someone carried me up and down. At least Tyson has a ramp to get to the street I don’t have to go down stairs to go for a walk. Of course my mommy and daddy have a hard time with stairs now as well. It was because of mommy we got a house without stairs. I’m glad we did.