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Surprise, Surprise!

Posted by on July 7, 2013

My Daddy and Mommy went to see my bestest friends people last night. Mommy was going to a concert with Tyson’s mommy and my daddy took several old computers so he and Tyson’s daddy could play. They didn’t get home until the middle of the night but when they did they brought a surprise. Tyson and his sister Dolly are going to stay with us for a week.

Tyson’s daddy has to go see a special people vet at a place called UCLA. I hate it when my daddy spells things out and keeps secrets from me. What is a UCLA? When they get home Tyson’s mommy has to see a people vet for back surgery. She hurt her back and they found that some of the people vets that had worked on her before did it wrong so now they have to go back in and fix things. It’s things like this that make me hate vets. I know hate is a hard word my daddy says we shouldn’t hat anyone. Thing is they started it. The first vet I saw wanted to kill me because of my back legs. The second vet said I would never have a good life so he said they should let him kill me. I am having a great life, I love my daddy and mommy and I know my daddy loves me. I’ve only seen one other vet since the first two and they cut part of me off and then had the nerve to say they had fixed me. I’m sorry but how can they say the fixed me? It hurt and I was no longer all there. Tyson went at the same time. We both agree they didn’t fix anything, what they did was broke us. Now do you understand why I hate vets?

Making things worse when my daddy was away for a month at the Vet Hospital in Salt Lake City, after he had his stroke, they didn’t fix him, he came home worse than he was when he left. Mommy and daddy both say he’s better than he was but he still has problems picking me up or petting me with his left hand. Vets are worthless. Don’t even bother visiting one.

OK getting off my soap box. My bestest friend gets to stay her for a whole week. We had fun playing last night until daddy and mommy decided it was bed time. Then this morning we played some more. Now we are resting Tyson and Dolly are asleep on the floor and I on the couch next to my daddy while he plays on the iPad and I get to update my blog. My daddy says he expects to spend most of the day tomorrow in bed. Then on Tuesday he has to see three different people vets. Poor daddy. All they seem to do is take him away from me, make him spend money on gas and hurt him. He’s always worse when he gets home than he was before he went.

Ops I went and got back on my soap box. Why do you think they call it a soap box? Daddy says it’s because that’s where you air all your dirty laundry. Daddy and mommy have a laundry basket for their dirty laundry, so why not call it a laundry basket, soap is for cleaning stuff. People speak gets confusing some times.

OK time to wrap this up daddy is putting dinner together so he needs to put away the computer. I’ll write again later if I get the time. I expect to be busy most of the week playing with my bestest friend.