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That’s Cheating Daddy

Gaurding daddy's power wheelchair so he can't use it.
Posted by on December 13, 2015
Gaurding daddy's power wheelchair so he can't use it.

How do I make this thing work?

The whole purpose of us getting up early in the morning and braving the ice cold weather is to help in your physical recovery. How can you think that sitting on a nice comfy power wheelchair helps you recover? What do you think the purpose of our walks is? Once again you’re just being lazy and making us do all the work. If you don’t keep practicing, you’ll never stop dragging your left foot around.

Also, it’s not my fault that you kept running over my lease. You’re the one that ran it over. You need to pay more attention to where I’m going and what I’m doing. Think daddy, think. I am glad that you didn’t run me or my little sister over with that big beast.

From now on I expect you to walk just like Autumn and I do. It’s fine for mommy to use a wheelchair, she can’t get around without it. It’s even better when mommy goes with us in her manual wheelchair because it makes you work even harder pushing her around the block. However, I don’t want to ever see you using that power wheelchair again. It feels like a slap in the face after all our hard work. Don’t try using the excuse that you don’t feel good. How do you think my hips feel when I have to swing them around because my knees don’t work? I’m the one who should be using a power wheelchair not you. If I catch you using it again I’m going to have Dein take away the power cord so that you can’t recharge it.

I think you owe us an extra walk to make up for cheating or at least second helpings at the dinner table tonight. Autumn says that next time you cheat she’s going to move our wakeup time ahead an hour.