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The power of cute

Posted by on October 28, 2015

Cute vs. hansom

I’m cute my sister Autumn is Hansom.

I am forced to sleep at the foot of the bed. Cute can sleep anywhere she wants often on top of mommy or daddy. If I lay against daddy’s legs he says I’m pushing him off the bed. If I move up between daddy and mommy I’m told to move down. If I so much as lay my head on daddy’s leg he tells me to get off. Cute however gets away with all this and more.

On our recent trip I choked on a piece of beef jerky only to have mommy warn me that if I got sick, I couldn’t have any more. When cute throw up all over mommy and me that was OK because she gets car sick.

When it comes to speech cute can bark, growl, whine, and snarl to her cute little hearts content. I have to bite my tongue in fear of getting my mouth washed out.

Cute snaps and snarls when she gets brushed. I’m expected to take it like a man.

It sure pays to be cute.