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The reason for walks.

Posted by on December 16, 2015

I’ve come to realize that daddy has no clue why we take him for walks. I just assume that’s because he’s not in his right mind. His stroke affected the right side of his brain so now daddy isn’t mind in his right mind he’s in his left. However this got me thinking what everyone one else thought our walks are for. I decided to bark around and find out.

Autumn Wind

First I barked with my sister. I figured after all her hard work helping me retrain daddy so that he gets up every morning to take us out, she must know why we are doing it. I was so wrong. Autumn like to socialize. Her goal is to get daddy to walk us around the neighborhood so that she can bark with all the other dogs and catch up on the latest gossip.

Bella Donna

My cousin thinks that the whole idea behind walks is getting OUT of the house. You need to understand that Bella cane to us from a family that would NEVER let her in to the house. I guess the back yard isn’t good enough for her. She needs to spread her wings and fly.

Samantha Leigh

My other canine cousin, now the old lady of the house. Seems to think walks are for nature calls. Where did she come up with an idea like that? Then again she was raised in an Apartment where she didn’t have a back yard. I guess that can confuse one’s sense of purpose.

Aunt Linda

Daddy’s sister thinks she takes my cousin’s on walks for her health and to help her lose weight. I guess of everyone she comes the closest to the true reason for walks.


Mommy agrees that daddy needs to get out and walk. However, thanks to Autumn, mommy now thinks it’s all about getting Autumn out of the house so mommy can go back to sleep. I admit Autumn goes insane every morning but that’s what it takes to get daddy up and out of bed. If not for Autumn daddy would most likely still be asleep.

The Cats

They all agree that anything that gets us out of the house is a good thing, Cats can be so grumpy.